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When we asked our respondents to self-report how funny they are, liberals indicated that they were funnier. This means that liberals are not finding life to be funnier, but they think they are.

What is the moral of all of this? I think it is that conservatives might not be as closed minded as we might expect, at least not in terms of humor.


Seems inversely correlated to TDS. The stronger the TDS, the weaker the sense of humor in the infected.

Not pointing fingers at others here, just pointing out that it’s a pretty common outcome nowadays.

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Ah, the Trump defense (reg’d). Put out some outrageous lie, and the bobbleheads will nod along. When you’re caught lying, claim it was just a joke- “What’s the matter, when I posted Joe Biden was a pedophile, I was just kidding- gee, no sense of humor.”.

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You completely missed the point as usual. Really on a winning streak today. :laughing:

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Good grief. It’s a joke about Trump’s gesturing, one at his expense. All in good fun.

No idea where “outrageous lie” comes from. :face_with_thermometer:

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“What’s the matter, when I posted Trump is a racist" and not kidding. “What’s the matter, when I posted Trump wants to have sex with his daughter" kinda kidding.

New rules there are no rules, don’t like the new rules, then go back to old rules. Democrats started new rules, you can decide when to have a more civil discussion.


This insufferable, incompetent moron gives Hillary a run for her money as the worst secretary of state ever.


“aged like milk in a sauna”, ha ha

John Kerry was the poster boy for Democrat ineptitude and cluelessness. Don’t think I’ll ever forget the photos of him wind surfing - released by his own campaign as “action” photos - sandwiched between the kind of virtue-signaling lectures we’re getting now from Biden and Harris.

Sigh, John Kerry. Dream opponent if you’re GOP. I suspect the only Dem more clueless would be Biden, Harris, and whoever is now running the DNC.

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The only smart thing he ever did was marry a ketchup heiress.

Super smart as long as you’re not running for president. It opened him up to so, so much quiet ridicule. He was so obviously a self-serving gigolo, John Kerry.

Sigh. Good times.

He almost beat Dubya in 2000.

It’s hard to choose between two mediocrities like that.

Yeah, but I suspect the final result would have been better for Bush if Karl
Rove hadn’t had such faith in a crappy (but much bragged about by the MSM) database of voter tendencies than in just running Bush against Kerry straight up as an honest American against a windsurfing, arrogant gigolo who wanted to do the first “America Apologizes” tour before Obama actually carried it out.

Rove was just about vain enough to cost the GOP the election of 2004, and vain enough to cost them the 2008 election. So much unearned “genius” in that guy.

Anyway, doesn’t take the shine off Kerry as the Dem anybody with a brain would absolutely love to run against in a national election. Just look at that pic, a pic of a guy who was actually proud of it. Sigh. Fish in a barrel.

Herein is why Trump will lose suburban white women.


Lefties thought Rove was an evil mastermind. That tells you more about the lefties than about Rove.

Rove was not particularly evil, and not at all a mastermind.

Yup. How about that?

(September 16, 2020 / JNS) The peace agreements between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain are an economic, diplomatic and strategic breakthrough.

On the economic front, they are a connection between the most innovative country in the world, Israel, and two of the wealthiest countries in the world; an encounter that may be transformative not only for the Middle East but for the whole world. Even before the agreement was signed, Israeli and Arab businessmen hurried to sign deals of cooperation and mutual investment.

On the diplomatic front, this is an agreement that refutes all the theses concerning the peace process that have existed for 30, 50, even 70 years. Even in the early 1950s, the Americans and British suggested a format based on the principle of land for peace, which included the demand from Israel to give Egypt almost all of the Negev. The fervent belief that Israel must buy peace with the Arabs persisted after the 1967 Six-Day War as part of the peace accords with Egypt and Jordan. The current peace deals, however, were achieved without giving up one millimeter of land.

Another belief was that the Israeli-Arab conflict was central and fundamental in the Middle East, and that its origin is in the conflict with the Palestinians. By that same belief, the core of the conflict surrounds the settlements in Judea and Samaria and eastern Jerusalem. Yet these deals were achieved with no advance whatsoever with the Palestinians, and without removing Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria, without even a settlement freeze.

That’s huuuuge.


just like some on the left love chaos, there are probably some Jewish people who do not like those peace antics going on in the MidEast (GS).

Nah, just smarter than a clueless president. Masterminds don’t shoot people in the face with buckshot. Or maybe you think they do.

It’s rubbing the hater’s faces in the wrongness of their hate. They can’t deal with it.

As I have zero sympathy for the haters, I say gloat all the more.