2020 USA Presidential Elections Latest

In related news, Jeff Epstein (or Trump himself?) announces anti-pedo week. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Reminds me of this:

Best reason ever not to vote for Biden?


Every little bit helps.

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There’s the 30 or 40% of the country that hates Trump’s guts because he represents everything awful about humanity.

Then there’s the 20 or 30% that worship the ground he walks on, because they’re gullible rubes who have fallen head first into the mess of conspiracy theories and misinformation on the Trump internet.

But then there’s the middle: the 30 or 40% of Americans who do vote, but aren’t fake news whackos and also aren’t coastal liberals with a fiery passion-hate for the Clown-in-Chief. The single biggest surprise for me in this cycle is just how much this last group appears to be breaking for Biden. They seem to just be sick as hell of Donnie.

If it carries through that way on Election Day, our big friend with the little hands is heading for a historic loss.

But have you calculated their respective penis sizes?

That’s where you’ll find the real MSM conspiracy.

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Anybody else spend parts of the last couple days digesting Bari Weiss’s latest article, and realize that a formerly hip liberal Times editor is explaining (to Jews, but also to those Democrats who deny what’s going on in their own party) what is really going on now, why we saw the riots we saw over the summer, what the real consequences of a Biden presidency may be to the USA?


Bad timing for orange guy:

Even Trump campaigning for Biden now…(not satire)

Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Monday morning bluntly agreed with President Donald Trump’s decidedly ill-advised accusation that Biden would dare to “listen to the scientists” regarding the COVID-19 pandemic if he wins the election.

“…yes,” Biden tweeted in response to the Hill’s report on Trump’s remarks.

Rob Flaherty, the Biden campaign’s digital director, mocked the President’s misfire.

“Strong closing argument from our top surrogate,” he tweeted.


but you know at least half of those streaming Trump were doing it for laughs. :rofl:


It could be. The point was that it’s kind of a silly measure to began with, even more so when you omit data. The TV viewership numbers are a calculated round about number.

Overall, it’s probably a good sign for Biden as his campaign isn’t known for the most enthusiasm.


That’s why I watched it.

At his Arizona rally he was attacking Fauci and buttering up Bill Barr.

I guess this is the groundwork for narrative 2, electric boogaloo when Barr does Barr things next week.

You should see these right wing networks airing his speech. Begging for donations, selling Trump coins, the grift is real.

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Couldn’t hurt.

According to friends of the family, Hunter is slowly adjusting to his new home and family. He has kicked an old drug habit and is now attending church with the rest of the family. He has also renounced his old ways and paid back a Ukrainian gas company fourfold.

Judge Barrett is still struggling to teach Hunter the value of hard work. He is being paid a few dollars to do chores around the house when he’s used to being paid $50,000 per month for nothing.


Every day there seems to be a fascinating account that all the now 30,000,000,000 early votes are Democratic votes and “emotional” black folk…see WaPo, no joke…and it makes me member 2016 when the early inner city votes came in.

There then seemed to be a lot of wining of districts that would have turned blue anyway.

i’m not saying anything…but, ya know…IJS


Pretty funny :laughing:

50 Cent voting for Trump bc with Biden’s tax plan he’d be 32 Cent


Trump would literally poll in single digits in neighbourhood elections in any developed country I’m familiar with .

It boggles the mind that he can still shore up as much support as he does there. It honestly makes me feel the US now has has more simalarities to a developing country in that regard , Brazil being one obvious example


Ron Johnson lost it, he’s on fox news representing Q. :sweat_smile:

Trump isn’t the only one acting like their freedom from prison is on the line. The way the whole Republican party is acting, man they are in something deep somewhere.

Normal people would not go along with it and save their political career maybe.

This ain’t normal. :mag_right:

Found a smart Republican: