2021 Taiwan Cycling Events Thread

I am already thinking about the next cycling event to take part in.

Would this be too hard? 99.8 公里(KM) with 2500m of elevation?

It starts at sun moon lake and ends somewhere up the mountain.

Hey guys, since 2021 is seeing the revival of a lot of cycling events, please feel free to share any here and of course, discuss race prep, route, and prep!

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Check it out!

Lol. Tatajia saddle will most definitely kick your arse big time, if you find the 15 to be a challenge… cycling along one of the highest roads in the country.ending at Alishan

Lol thanks for the honesty, I need it in a situation like this.

Why are all these events so damn hard or am I too noob?

Can the regular cyclist who has been cycling for 5 years do these challenges?

If it was easy, they wouldn’t be creating events! :laughing:

Really, in all honesty, these routes are as hard as you make them. The cut off times for the non-elite categories are pretty lenient and you can really make it a trip out of them if you have never ridden or visited these places. Stop to take pictures and take in the sights as well as stop and use their water/food stations (in which you paid for in your registration fee).

Unlike some crazies, come, finish the route as fast as they possibly can and don’t even stop for the water/food stations that they paid for.

Tataka was one of my first events I ever participated in. My fitness was crap and I had never climbed anything more than 6-10k with 800m elevation at that time. With some advice from friends and very little training, I did make it to the top.

If you’re looking to start training for this, I suggest looking into some training regimes, ZWIFT or finding a group of mates to ride with on a regular basis. With some years of training behind me, I found that ZWIFT sessions are a huge help. They are boring af, but still the most efficient way to improve.


I think this is more up my alley then.
Plus getting to sun moon lake after work on Friday would be tough and I wouldn’t get enough sleep for the event the next day.

You can also take a look at the 96 organized Tataka, which is on a Sunday.

Deadline was last Friday to register, but you could give them a message or ring and see if they are accepting any last minute entries.

This will still hit an elevation of 2000m. Is it a slight uphill all the way for 70km?

In the picture the gradients they show are 3.5%, 2.5% and 3.28%. Are there any worse ones?

I’m fairly certain you are one of the crazies, ranlee!


The beginning is roughly 40-50km of rolling hills and the final 25km of constant uphill. You can map the route on some mapping websites/apps like RideWithGPS or KOMOOT to see the higher gradients, but I wouldn’t look too closely into them because if you see a gradient of 20%, it could be only a few meters of pavement and immediately flatten out afterwards.

You know too much :laughing:


This is the next goal. Anyone else going to do this race?

A few friends asked me to join, but it’s just a hammerfest that I know I won’t enjoy.

I did the route last fall and despite taking it at a pretty leisure pace, it’s tough to get a rhythm going as once you get over a ledge, you start going downhill. In a race scenario, people will be cutting corners when going downhill and sometimes that can get dangerous.

I’m just in it to complete it, I don’t want to race anyone. I will leave last to be at the back.


Sign ups start on the 30th and spots tend to fill up fast!

Wow three days in summer with loads of km’s and climbing! Not for the faint of heart.