2022 Hyundai IONIQ 5 | Electric SUV

Went on sale yesterday in Taiwan. 150 units are all gone. My brother-in-law snagged one. I think I prefer the Kia EV6 on the same platform, but it’s a nice ride.

It looks quite nice, indeed!
Unfortunately, it’s too small for our family, so we are looking at the Tucson L. Very good design!

He had two standard Tucsons and an Elantra before he got this. He spends about 8K/mo on gas, so with two years of free charging it should work out well for him.

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Sounds like a fan of Korean design!

Hyundai group is supposed to have 23 all-electric models within a couple of years I read. I can’t believe how far behind some manufacturers are, especially Honda. I’d like to see an Elantra or bigger sedan on the new made for electric platform.

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2024 it’s coming to TW I think.
A living room on wheels won’t be cheap though.


Next year comes the sedan. I always wanted a Batmobile. 2023 TW

I like the look of this car: very futuristic. Similar lines to the cyrbertruck. It’ll have a nice head-turn factor.

Looking at some reviews: the lines on the website are a decal!

Absurdly low number. Hope we get more, plus the Hyundai Santa Cruz (truck/car hybrid that’s perfect for Taiwan).

May I ask how? If it’s for work I would assume he company pays anyway (unless he’s self employed).

Daily commute and photography outings on weekends.

I don’t think many, if any, of the first ones had the white interior, which is 20,000 more. You need to wait longer for those, so more will arrive in the coming months.

I want that black Ioniq 6 with a white interior badly now.

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I’ll have to look into this car. It might be a decent affordable electric family car, given no Tesla Model Y.

Do you know how your brother in law paid for it?

All I know is that it was nothing down and 20K/mo payments.

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Prices are here

$1.7m for the 2-wheel long range. That’s def affordable. Compare that to fully specced hybrid RAV4 which is about $1.5m

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I’m pretty sure you get the import duty deducted off that, so final cost is around 1.5.

Why would they deduct import duty: because it’s electric?

I think. I asked him to verify, but he might be sleeping.