2022 Italian General Election

Italy’s far right set to win election - exit poll - BBC News

With a super majority!!! And with Berlusconi part of coalition, bunga bunga is back. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


The world is definitely going a bit nuts. It’s hard to tell if her popularity is a reaction to the execrable clownshow of 2020/2021, if she’s a puppet placed there by the lizard people, or if she isn’t actually as “far right” as the MSM make out.

Wonder what “tools” the EU will bring to bear if she’s confirmed the winner. I have a gut feeling that all that noise that von der Leyen is making is just a feint. IMO she’s the preferred candidate of TPTB.

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I had to look that up, had no idea what bunga bunga referred to.

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If the mainstream media is crying about someone, then they must be doing something right is my usual go-to judgement.


Sounds good to me. Especially in these uncertain times

At least, something they don’t like.

I blame the resurgence of AC Milan.

Which more often than not is something right.

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She is very pro-Taiwan as well.


Let’s focus on the fact that Italy will have its first political government after 11 years of technocracy rather than on the (alleged) sexual escapades of an 85-year-old, please.

Yes. Like her or not, she and her allies represent the most anti-China coalition that Taiwan could wish for.

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Seems incredibly random that the issue of Taiwan would even register in Italian elections. Have Italians ever even heard of Taiwan?

Besides it’s not like Italy has been particularly relevant for decades … other than in the sense that Italy’s terrible finances could bring down eurozone. Italy’s economy is smaller than Canada now. At this point it should be kicked out of G7 and Korea should take its place instead.

While Giorgia Meloni is pretty vocal on social media against Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, some parties in her coalition have a much more cozy relationship with Moscow, and have argued against spending tax dollars to aid the Ukrainians. Even Meloni praised and congratulated Putin on his reelection back in 2018.

I guess we’ll have to see how those dynamics work out down the road.

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Is that where you think her priorities should lie, in funding a war in Ukraine @hansioux ? Even though as @Gain pointed out they are in pretty dire straits financially. I suspect Italians are also paying more for their energy costs now than they did last year which doesn’t help them much either.

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Yes, since Meloni herself said Europe could use more leaders who visited Kyiv back in February, and that Ukrainians should get more support. It’d be pretty inconsistent if she does the exact opposite after she’s elected.

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Supporting Ukraine =/= funding the war.


It depends on if you think they should stand with a united West against a fascist invader of a European nation, or not.

There is more than one path when it comes to doing what’s best for Ukraine, a negotiated end to the war back in March (which they were close to doing) would have been on better terms than a negotiated end to the war now.

The strategy of pouring weapons into Ukraine only makes any sort of sense if the Ukrainians can push back the invading Russians, if over time it only gets progressively worse, one can argue best intentions aside, it’s not the best way forward. On top of that is the tragic loss of life and destruction of so many peoples lives along the way.

This is true however.

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What supermajority?

This is an exaggeration, Russia maybe walked back their demands for complete capitulation but I don’t recall negotiations ever being close to acceptable for both sides

I wrote “anti-China” not “pro-Taiwan”.