🏃 🏃‍♀️ 2024 Taiwan Runner's Thread

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I figured I’d be selfish and start this reminder thread due to missing out on the Beigan Marathon signup. :wall:

I just started a 10K training course and looks like I’m in time to sign up for these runs.

2024 Guanshan Tzu Chi Hospital 24th Anniversary Road Race (bao-ming.com)
March 10, 2024

I was just there. The course looks like the bike path that goes all around the town. It’s nice. Sloped but not too steep. 14 or 5K.

The following weekend March 17, 2024 is Miaoli.
2024 ZEPRO RUN Esplanade Carnival - Miaoli Field (ctrun.com.tw)
Looks like a loop close to the port. 5 or 10K.

And the last for now, Tainan April 20, 2024
2024 Tucheng Xiang Orthodox Luermen Temple Prayer Night Run (ctrun.com.tw)
It’s an evening run. 5 or 10K.

All of these at this time are still open for signup.


Only one runner in the Flob so

I don’t know how you’re finding all these races with a 5k distance. It was almost impossible to find that distance back when I was entering running races. I really like the 5k distance. There’s something about a sub-30-minute effort that I have always been attracted to (I like the 1500m distance in the pool, for example, which I do typically in under 27 minutes).

Anyway, enjoy the races. And training for the next couple of months should be nice with the cooler temps.

Well, if @jdsmith is running and @marasan, then we have two.

I loved to run the 1,000 meters back in high school. 5K sounds great too. Some distance and some fast finishing. Maybe I start running again too in 2024.

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This is my running in 2023 so far. Almost all on the same mountain. I run up and walk down. My knees can’t handle flat running anymore. So no more running races for me. But I definitely support other runners. Go for it!

It’s kind of a pain in the ass. All the registering. 10k or 5k, getting there and getting back.

Right now I’m doing 3 or 6k a day. At whatever pace I want. I was excited to get into it, but the thought of making it a scheduled thing really turns me off. I’m retired. I have no interest in that kind of routine or challenge or performance.

Today I did 3k training. 3:1, and that was fine. The rainy weather has left my knee barking I’ve been eating ibuprofen like candy to keep the swelling down. I’m well over 10k per day, not that I keep track. It’s just on the phone . :man_shrugging:


Dragging that positive attitude into 2024. Good for you.

I’m building up to a marathon in the summer. I will be fifty.


Be careful with the knees. Doing some cross training is ideal. You can even do weights. Circuit training with no break for an hour.


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I’ve been told I’m not allowed to call what I do “running”, but once or twice a week I jog a 10k.
You know it’s me cause I’m the gal with the red face that looks like she’s about to have a heat stroke. Being Irish is great, eh?
Did 10 miles two weeks ago for the second time. Made myself sick. I don’t foresee ever going farther than that. So no half marathons in this lifetime.
Good luck to all of you, happy running.
BTW, add Devo to your playlist


I hear you. I see the guys ten or twenty years my senior in the park and think, “I just don’t wanna be that slow and shuffly when I’m that age.”

I listen to my feet. Today they wanted to do a 3k walk. Leftie has a blister that’s healing. I may bring yoga back into the routine. Keeping the gut and glutes tight seems to be a running thing as well.


Brittle breaks. Same goes for short, tight, rigid. Yoga will keep us mobile and injury free. I know I need it cause I absolutely hate doing it.


First run on a flat course in probably 6 months. Pretty lame stats but whatever. And I decided to stick on the grass as much as possible to minimize the shock to my knees. Oh, and my dog pooped so I had to pick that up in a bag. I put the bag on a picnic table during the rest of the run, then went by to bring it home. I had to run with a bag of dog shit for about 500m. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This’ll probably be the next time I get back to Taitung.

A 6k? Should be doable.

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So, I’m all officially signed up for the Donghe 6k.

I’m gonna mix it up with my 30 days of yoga routine. :person_in_lotus_position:


Had to go out and get a nice 8mm yoga mat as the floor is way too hard and cold to do any back work without crushing vertebrae.

Week four of couch potato to 5k, run/walk 30 minutes at 20/40. Tried to keep a pace and focused more on my breathing, something we do in yoga when holding a more challenging position.

Worked really well. I exhale every eight steps. Who knew? The breathing helps remind me to keep the core and glutes flexed also a yoga thing, which gives me a comfortable floaty stride. Ran the last two minutes and felt good, as though I could do more, which is the way everything worthwhile should be when time is up.


Is that running for 20 seconds and walking for 40 seconds? That’s a lot of looking at your watch. Can I recommend going to a track and doing intervals there? My favorite was to do 400m at my goal pace and resting for 1 minute. If you don’t know how to use the interval function on your watch, you can let it run and do something like running 400m every 3 minutes. If you finish in 2 minutes and 10 seconds, you have 50 seconds rest. Twelve and a half times around is 5k, but maybe you can build up slowly until reaching 20 intervals.

Then time yourself on the 5k once every couple of weeks or maybe even once a month.

You can also do fartlek runs to mix things up.

Sorry. I’m getting all excited thinking of my how I used to train for the 5k. Damn knees.


I already go to The university track. But on walking days, I just walk around the campus. And on the long run days, I just do laps as the track is softer on my knees. On walk only days, I do yoga when I get home.

I mix it up already as I don’t need a full 7-8 weeks preparation. I may have mentioned before that I have an autoimmune disease so I need to be VERY careful about overdoing it.

Sometimes I do a 3k at a longer interval, 30/30. Sometimes I do a 5k at one lap, then 30 seconds off, 3/4 lap, etc.

I’d like to be able to complete a 5k without the walking/resting part, but honestly it’s not that important to me. I feel good, I sweat, and I get outside everyday.

I’ll get my tshirt in Donghe in march. But who knows when I’ll do another race.


My run today. Can you guess how many flights of stairs I ran up?

Nice weather the last couple days. Saw this article to remind folks how easy it is to get in shape. Ignore the “Do your PR! Run faster!” crap.

Just get out there and put some miles under you. Mix it up with swimming (blech!) or yoga (yay!) to strengthen your core. Enjoy.

One thing the article says that I used to be interested in is “a” goal is to be able to run for 30 minutes straight. That seems about right. I don’t get too hung up on that, but it is what I used to do when I was barefoot running. That’s a good workout, a good sweat though. Listen to your feets.

Everything You Need to Know About Training for a 5K (msn.com)


Seven days and 5 runs. I’m ready to head back to the pool! Each run included 3 flights of stairs up Meilun Mountain in Hualien City. I’ve put on some weight and what a huge difference that makes. Talk about some serious pain on that last set of stairs.

I did 3 of the runs with my son and I thoroughly enjoyed that. He’s super light and in good shape so the runs were a breeze for him. It’s nice when your kid outdoes you, even when that happens when he is only 11!