24hr Vet in Jiayi?

Does anyone know if there is an emergency pet hospital in Jiayi that’s open 24hrs?

Do they exist in Taiwan at all?

I guess not :frowning:

From what I’ve seen, there don’t seem to be too many. One of my dogs decided to go and eat something random off the street late one night while I was walking her and had a pretty bad allergic reaction. She started pooping like crazy and then laid down and couldn’t get up. Then she started weezing as her airway swelled up and I thought she was going to die in front of me. We called a few vets and none of them even wanted to know what the problem was. They just said they had no emergency service. We were lucky to have a friend that knew a vet that could help us. However, we had to drive 45 minutes into Taichung. Luckily, my dog was ok during the ride and only needed a few shots to bring her ballooned up face back to normal.

I don’t know about Kaohsiung, but I’m guessing you’ll probably have to do some searching to find a vet that does late night cases. It worries me to think that I might not be able to do anything if something serious happens in the middle of the night. The thought of watching one of my dogs die in front of me is pretty horrible to think about. It would be nice to know there is a place to go in case of future emergencies.