256MB USB Flash Disk

[Guanhua 3/23/2003]

(no brand)–$2790 (size of a little finger)

The “no brand” one is so small. I don’t know why the others are so much larger (two to three times) in physical dimensions. I have been using a bulky 64MB one given to me by a friend who bought the “no brand” one. I have borrowed his “no brand” one and it works the same - do driver required for recent operating systems.

all the flash disks in Taiwan are the same structure, Samsung NAND gate flash memory on a PCB board + IC controller chip, it’s just how good the boards are designed and the case sealing method that saves on space(ultrasonic bond). The smallest one I believe is made by a company called Billionton. Don’t bother getting a brand, it’s the same stuff underneath every time. Read write performance will not differ by more than 10%. Windows 2000/XP do not need drivers. Otherwise you’ll need one for Windows OS.