26 March Bike Ride - Gongguan to Zoo (postponed to April 2)

This week we’ll ride from Gongguan MRT, up the Jingmei Stream to the zoo in Muzha.

Meet 9AM Sunday March 26th at Gongguan MRT. (Postponed to April 2).

We’ll get onto the riverside at the end of Siyuan St, ride upriver to the Jingmei Stream, follow it to the zoo, then back down and back to Dapinglin Station in Xindian. There’ll be acouple fo short stretches of riding on the Rd, but it’s mostly riverside. This is a nice ride and easier than last weeks. It should only take about 2 hours.

PM me if you’d like to come.


I’m postponing this due to the high lilihood of rain. Next Sunday.

from jingmei to muzha there is a bunch of river path construction. so, for next time you might have to ride the dike wall.

i might ride zoo -> gongguan with you.