2nd Annual Taichung Chili Cookoff

April 21(Saturday), Starting time: 2:00PM. Ending time: Late-ish, but probably not past 9:00.

Entrance: $200 for all you can eat chili

There will be four live bands. All proceeds to go to the Christian Herald Orphanage. Soho Street is next to the intersection of Da Ye Road and Jing Cheng Road.

If you want to enter a chili- do it and just show up. There is no prior registration required, and no rules for banned or required ingredients. Make enough for about 20 servings. The score for the inter-state rivalry concocted by middle-aged guys with too much time on their hands stands at: Florida 1, Texas 0. Similar results are expected this year, in that Texans can’t really do anything right.

I don’t know who the four bands will be, but after enough beer and chili sampling it won’t really matter.