3 Year work permit and ARC renewal

I have a 3 year work permit, but my ARC was only validated for 1 year. So I have 2 years left on my work permit. I have a few questions on renewal of my ARC:

  1. Do I need to retake the health exam? I thought the health exam was for the work permit and not the ARC.

  2. My husband is my dependent on my ARC. Does he need to retake the health check? Also, his ARC expires earlier than mine. Normally not a problem, but his expires over Chinese New Year and we’ll be out of the country. Can he at least get his ARC expiry date changed to match mine?

Thanks in advance, work has a very laissez faire approach to this. I do not and it makes me a little stressed out! :help:

Can’t answer the health exam questions since I’m on a JFRV ARC and we don’t need to take the health exams every year. As for renewing your husband’s ARC, you can renew up to 30 days before hand. If you have all the required paperwork then they just stamp a new date on the back, so it’s pretty quick to do.