30 free Chinese classes, learning with online tutor 1 on 1

Hello, for anyone interested.
[tapiooca.com] is a brand new web platform, is offering one free course with 30 classes learning Chinese with online tutor 1 on 1.

  1. The class is 24hrs open, we can decide when to learn, and whom to learn with.
  2. All the tutors are native Chinese speaking teachers and very qualified.
  3. Instead of using traditional textbook, we can give tutor our learning requirement when we book the class. such as: pls help me for my oral Chinese test. ( It is so cool !!)
  4. One class only takes 25mins, not too long, not too short, just right.

There are 500+ Taiwanese tutors standby for booking. It normally costs USD240 for one course, BUT NOW, tapiooca rather provide to max. 50 Forumosa members here who are interested in.

They only offer to the first 50 applicants. So, better apply asap.
The cooperation code is [ Forumosa] when sign up.



Your coupon code doesn’t seem to be working.

Also, you need to implement time zones for your scheduling. It’s not clear whether the student should be signing up for local time or Taiwan time for lessons.

Hello, Ironlady,
Once we see the register the asked enter “cooperate code”, we will open 30 free classes to him/her. It just take one day to proceed.
For the time zone, it depands on user’s location. If you are in Taiwan, then the class is Taiwan time.

Best regards,

That’s great that the system respects time zones. Now all you need to do is add something to that effect to the web page. It’s really confusing the way it is. The user really doesn’t know what time zone is being offered.

I want to join.

I want to join.

Hi ironlady,
Thank you for the good advice!!

Thank you for the offer. I have signed up today, and just booked a class with a Taiwanese tutor who is nice. It is amazing, there are so many tutors and I even can have a class at midnight!!

I want to join.

Please PM me with any info I need.

never mind, already joined. However it says 2 FREE clases, not 30, or am i reading it wrong?

Hi ReBorn,
Within one day, the system will give you 30 classes.
Enjoy your class!!