30% of Swedes reject evolution, favor creationism, who knew?

But the Swiss proponents of creationism are working on fertile ground. An international survey last year found that 30 per cent of the Swiss reject evolution, one of the highest rates in Europe.

The fringe Christian organisation Pro Genesis commissioned a survey earlier this year which found that 80 per cent of Swiss want creationism taught alongside evolution in biology class.

“Many people think science is devoid of any meaning of life and this of course makes them critical,” biologist Guido Masé told swissinfo. “That’s why they try to find common ground between science and belief and end up leaning towards a creationist view.”

I doubt this is true, actually. I am skeptical of the Pro Genesis survey. Sounds pretty self-serving to me.
Fringe organizations in the U.S. are always doing crap studies about how many Americans believe in their brand of snake oil and publishing findings that are ridiculous. It’s nice to know the Swiss have the same kind of batshit “research” as the States going on that gets sensationalized by the international media.
I’m just going to pretend to believe it, though. Next time I meet a Swede I’ll ask him why his country doesn’t believe in evolution. :discodance:

You might try asking a Swiss what the Swiss think and leave the Swedes out of it. :wink:

Creationism is ignorance. Evolution is science.

BTW, I wonder what the figures are for Taiwan?

[quote=“Chris”]Creationism is ignorance. Evolution is science.

BTW, I wonder what the figures are for Taiwan?[/quote]

Well, I read that the Thais are a very superstituous people and so 40% of the Thais in Taiwan don’t believe in evolution. Next time I see a Taiwanese person I will ask him what people in Thailand think of this.

So then, what do those Aussies in Austria think?

Well in Austria, because of their socialist past, people tend to believe rather strongly in that famous Aussie egalitarianism. Hence, being what you might call Austrian elitists they disdain organized religion, prefering instead to put their faith directly in technology, which they call machine worship, in their quaint Aussie outback way.