31% of Taiwanese earn less than NT$30,000; 10% earn over NT$61,000 per month

Not horrible if you don’t compare it to most western country. A young single person, especially not in the middle of taipei city can do fine with around 30-40k a month. It’s the gap in salary that’s the issue and lack of real salary bump that’s the concern.

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I find that very hard to believe, and have a strong suspicion that you have never been on such an income without independent support. If they live with their parents they are OK, but factor in rent even in New Taipei City and I do not believe you are fine on an income like that.


Really? 40k a month is not enough for a single young person in new taipei city? I’ve known people that make 28k in taipei city and was fine. I mean they aren’t hitting the club and certainly don’t live amazing, but definitely doing fine. I don’t see a problem if youre 20 living with 3-4 roommates paying around 5-6k for rent.

And i’ve lived on around 600-1000 US dollars as a server a month sharing a flat with 5 roommates in florida when I was 22 before moving back here. Did it suck, yeah. I rode the bus that came every 30min and walked 15-45min from bus stops in the florida heat. Didn’t do much activities besides going to the beach that was free. That was what option I had due to circumstances and I made it work, surely making more in taiwan could be ok compared to florida for me. And i even managed to save up enough to buy a ticket to Taiwan, took a while but I did it.

But yeah, I do have family help in Taiwan now like having my own house without rent and a car they gave me to use. But still, there was a time I lived on literally less in the US where i lost my car and all contact with my family from reasons I won’t get into. And tbh, i think most 22 year olds would be happy to get 40k out of college here. I think most entry level jobs out of college in Taiwan is way less.


It’s terrible.

We’ll have to agree to disagree, because there is no way that I can see someone earning 30-40k in Taipei or its environs and describing their financial situation as fine.

I agree with your second point. 40k is considered a lot for college graduates these days. That would probably be for software engineers. Usually they get 25-30 or so. Same as it was 20 years ago.

I mean I guess it depends on what you mean by fine. It’s certainly not great and I agree. They most likely arent saving much if anyone, and have to keep tight tracks of their budget. But my original post is more about sure, the number improved but the lack of that salary keep going up is the problem moving forward.

They won’t be saving anything. Simply surviving is not good long term.

I agree that salaries not going up is the problem moving forward. Not just for individuals but also for the economy as a whole. Stagnant salaries equal low economic growth in developed economies.


Exactly. 30k plus a lot of vulnerabilities. No retirement savings. No accident nor sickness cushion. 30k jobs mean you are disposable at the slightest inconvenience, so no labor rights. No possibility to get married. No chance for decent housing. The dangers of scooter driving cause you can’t afford MRT. I can go on. 30k has terrible consequences for social order. It is unsustainable.

40k to 50k is management position salaries.


Well, there’s a large variation in salaries in Taipei city and Hsinchu but beyond those areas 30 k is seen as reasonable salary for many (and good in some places ) and maybe 40k to 60k if managers.

Another problem is how they work you for those salaries.
Now Icon there is labour and accident insurance for many.

In Neihu or Hsinchu there are plenty of fairly well paid workers (for Taiwan ). I’m taking on 60 70 80 90 k and more month and bonuses.

One of the worst things by far about Taiwan is lack of foreign employers so it’s hard to escape many of the terrible Taiwanese companies and management practices out there.

The problem I see is 30k all your life, no matter how your needs, qualifications, experience, training changes. And being fired at 23 years work, over 45 of age…And no chance to find a job.

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No doubt it’s tough for most of us out there.

I think the worst statistic is less than 20 per cent earn more than 50k per month in full employment.

How many of them are civil servants?

Also annual rise of 1.8% is less than inflation rate.

A lot. Like police officers, average bank employees, most cubicle dwellers, if not bosses.

And, some expats say 60k is crappy.

60,000 is crappy when you factor in the following:

  • 30,000 average mortgage payment or 25,000 for rent.
  • 2,000 average building / community fee
  • 2,000 average utilities
  • 2,000 average transportation cost
  • 8,000 average food expenses
  • 15,000 average Nanny or Kindergarten cost

This is all based on a Foreigner with a family if the wife is staying home.

Nothing is left for savings.

If wife is working, an additional 30 to 40k helps a lot. If no kids, it’s way better. If not married, it’s pretty good but I would not say fantastic.


Exactly. 60k is crap without family money.


It’s pretty easy to blow through 80+K a month with 2 kids in school. Especially if you factor in car payments and rent in the science park area.


60k is crap with a spouse staying home and two kids, but it should be more than fine for young single foreigners even without family money if 30k is fine for young single locals.

Should be fine, but 60k is still crap for a single foreigner. I’ve no idea why anyone would come here for that kind of money - but everyone has their reasons I guess.


Isn’t it a nice experience living in a different culture for a few years with more than enough money to survive? I think 60k for a single young person is more than enough to survive in Taiwan.

Or, coming here is beneficial enough to one’s career even with the low pay comparing to the western standard.

I wouldn’t come for that money with other reasons.