36 ways to divide Taiwan

Discuss with extreme prejudice.

To save time we’ll pass both ways.


The first one is very true. Southern food is more sweet.

The one Taipei people like Starbucks is funny (so Taipei people like chains and not small Coffee shops, yeah KHH) East Coast as boozers made me laugh, but I wonder if I ask people in Taitung next time what they will say.

And car drivers, Taipei follows the rules, then except Kaoshuing rest is bad drivers, so why KHH drivers? (I would car drivers in general better than scooters in KHH)


This shit be true


Can confirm.


People follow the rules in Taipei?! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I disagree, but maybe in comparison with some other cities (Tainan comes to mind) it is indeed a bit better.

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My friends in Taitung confirmed it all the way :rofl: :rofl:

And as someone who started riding (and learnt how to ride) a scooter in Kaohsiung, I soon realised by the fines that I got up north that something was wrong with my riding :pleading_face:

Credit to @taiwanball on Twitter although he’s currently suspended

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Some pretty savage rips against just about every part of Taiwan in there.


What’s this saying? Not getting it

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Not sure the correct Tailo for it, but it sounds like “球 qiu” but with an H instead of a Q, so like “hiu”. My wife uses it instead of 嗎 when asking questions, it seems to be a central Taiwan thing.

I’m sure @greves knows the correct Tailo for it


That’s just her calling you a ho

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The zhuyin is ㄏㄧㄡˇ
Online I saw it Chinese-ized into 蛤

Listen for the 吃飯了ㄏㄧㄡˇ at the beginning

Personally if I was gonna type it in English I’d write it as hyou, I think.

Oldie but goldie…

KaoBei! That’s me right there!

Wait… the Soviets bombed Taipei in 1938? Again what learned…


Whoah. Cool. I had no idea about that.

Now I’m oddly disappointed Taiwan doesn’t appear on the Axis & Allies map. It’s not even there! Luzon’s moved sort of up to our position, and Okinawa is somehow almost as big as Luzon.