3G in Taiwan

Right, what are the costs to use 3G for data in Taiwan and is it fesable to do this as a consumer?
I can’t figure out the networks, but it looks dirt cheap if I’m right from the limited info I could find, just like making calls…
I guess that’s the tradeoff here in the UK, you can have the latest and greatest phones for £0 but then you end up spending £40+ a month for a measly 400 minutes worth of calls… :fume:

I tried 3G for a while. It is cheap. I think almost all of the cpompanies in Taiwan offer 3G. The problem for me was that the phones on offer that work with 3G were not that great and at the time, about 1 to 1.5 years ago, the 3G network was not 100% perfect and complete, a lot of dropped calls when traveling by car and low reception n some places. I suppose the phones didn’t revert back to GSM when in low reception areas. Anyway, you can try it, it should be much improved now. The data plan as I remember was either FREE, or was a set fee, between 400-900NT$ per month. Check it out, I remember it was extrememly reasonable. Have someone that speaks and reads Chinese, do the research or just go into ChungHWa, FarEastone etc and ask them.

It’s 850/month for unlimited data on Zhonghua.

Dang that was a good guess. I prefer GPRS over 3G at the moment.

That’s dirt cheap!
Well, I’ve hopefully got my own device when I move over, so I’m not worried about that and it’ll be for a PDA/Phone type device, so it’s not really for voice calls, but rather for data usage.
Thanks for the info guys, helpful as always :slight_smile:

Swede: For data it worked flawlessly.

My 3G plan is only NT$199/month, but there’s a 6 MB limit. I can do it if I never download graphics but read short emails and news every day.