4-6days trip adventure trip in taiwan

Hi peeps,

I’m planning an adventure trip to taiwan during the 2nd week of Jan.

I’m looking for activities like paragliding, kayaking and some trekking.

My friend and I think that kayaking at Sun Moon Lake and trekking up Alishan would be a nice experience. What do you think?

We also want to visit Taroko Gorge.

We initially wanted to water raft at hualien but realised that it isnt the season during jan, do you have any suggestions to replace this activity?

Can help to give advise on how I should plan this trip?

We are only really budget and in-motion asia to not cater to backpackers like us. I tired to contact Yuri for the parapgliding, but to no avail.

Can anyone give me some contacts so that I can start contacting them, please?

thanks for your help! =D

Alishan is more of a Sunday stroll than trekking. There are some other great hikes on the island that are a bit more challenging. Contact:

Do you have the 2007 edition of Lonely Planet? It has lots of information on hiking.