4 diners fall ill after eating

More problems, in Taipei area. Need more careful, I think I eat fresh made. or cook, less take always which sit out.

[4 diners fall ill after eating at Kura Sushi in Taipei | Taiwan News | Apr. 1, 2024 13:53](https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/news/5134225

Noooooo, not Kura too. :sob:


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I saw a report that food safety inspectors are overworked and are quitting quite a bit, and it seems the government couldn’t hire enough of them.

Would you like to share a link to it? Assuming it was actually about inspectors in Taiwan and relatively recent.

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I am not sure how, it’s buried in yahoo news feed which gets like 100 articles a day, so I couldn’t find it.

This happens more often than you think. Just now is trending in the news.


Try there.

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For real. Just a more educated population. Before food poisoning was a way of life.

Glad to see people care now.

  1. Hope people don’t forget about it 2 months later

  2. Hope the FDA type organizations make loads more unreasonable laws

  3. Hope said FDA just does their job more, rather than above making more dumb laws

  4. Hope people take hygiene more serious. Be it food or otherwise

  5. Hope people educate themselves about how and why this happens

  6. None of the above will happen this year, but it’s rolling towards these directions after enough knee jerks.

Side note. A couple deaths from a very common pathogen is nothing. They should café more about things like chemical contamination, pollutants, E. coli, waste management, worker hygiene, preservation, rights to traditional foods etc.

When FDA inspects our factories, they don’t wash their hands, wear gloves, hair nets etc etc. They are waaaaay dirtier than any of us or employees. The irony is really hard to handle.


This feels like some criminal/espionage undertaking to me. It’s ridiculous how they just started to randomly pop up after what happened last week.

I think that was @Quesito’s point – that they were already always there, but the recent high-profile case has made the media devote more time to the issue until people get bored of it and they move onto some other scaremongering problem.


A visit to any market and most restaurants makes you wonder how is anyone still alive.

Although I admit I rarely have food intoxication symptoms.


It’s not random. And people paying attention are aware that this has been the case for many many years.

Without annoying you too much, I will just say this: knee jerk

Society does still have power in Taiwan. Even if people want to deny it. Agencies act when they feel pressure. Nuff said…and for FDA related, absolutely!

Similar goes for other soft governemnt agencies with ego complexes. Traffic, environment and so on.

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Maybe, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the incident last week was some wackjob poisoning the food like what happened almost 20 years ago with Redbull, or China’s biological warfare.

No, absolutely not. This stuff is present everywhere. Even if some folks want to deny the fact Taiwan didn’t do fuck all for food safety even 10 years ago (nevermind 50) and want to larch onto media claims of government tools that say this didn’t exist here until recently (the current norm of Taiwan narratives), one can’t deny the fact of our food security. That is to say, we have basically oo food security and an absurdly high percentage of our food is imported.

Now, I am not saying the FDA needs to come clean that they didn’t test well before nor were food companies doing any sort of decent job. Everyone knows this already and turns a blind eye. But the reality is this organism exists here and simply isn’t detected much.

Let’s just stop and think for 1 second. How many people get a tummy ache here? Nearly everyone talks about “La Du Zi”, or whatever the pinyin is. Runny shit etc. Even vomiting is quite common.

Out of all those daily occurrences, how many go to the hospital. Then, our of those that go to the hospital, how many folks actually fight the doctors to test to see what it is? Doctors normally give out the few normal medications to kill everything and never do lab testing. It can be requested, but they like to pursued people against it because it isn’t that necessary. Organizations such as the FDA do indeed lab test, but it takes all the above troubles to get to that point. Or their random inspections.

All that to say, it’s everywhere. Eat smart. Punish dirty bastards harshly. But prove it was them.

Would you eat your hand if it’s proven criminal?

Umm, what?

No…? I don’t eat my own species, just based on science.

It’s like feeding cows hamburgers…

Umm. Also stupid. Cannibalism is not GRAS . Polar opposite. Generally Regarded As Unsafe. GRAU.

Why, what’s the issue?

Prions are what most people connect with cannabilism. A splash of sarcasm and disgust, bobs your uncle.

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