40% of World Wants U.S. to Have Diminished Influence


Almost 40 percent of the world population want a less powerful United States and almost as many _ 35 percent _ want the European Union to have a bigger say on the world stage, according to the results of a global survey due to published Wednesday. [/quote]
Oh why, oh why. What has the US done to deserve this scorn…

Who cares? At the end of the day, if and when these nations have a problem, who will they go running to first? As usual, to the US. Take tsunami relief and the like. After all, while the Europeans, Canadians, Taiwanese did offer to donate a lot of money (note the offer), how much was actually delivered? And given that most of the food and clothing items donated by well-meaning Brazilians, Mexicans and Fiji Islanders is still sitting in some warehouse, what was the good of that effort? Finally, the reports that came back stated unequivocally that the No. 1 contribution was made by the militaries of the US, Australia and Japan, which flew in relief supplies that were needed and NOW. Ironic that for all the wailing about “militaries” and “spending” it was precisely these groups that were most effective in bring the aid to the people who needed when they needed it most.

Don’t even mention what would happen if and when one nation was invaded or attacked by another. Who would run to the EU? Canada? New Zealand?

I think that you see where I am going with this. haha

Allowed you to immigrate to the USA?

looks like a solid majority don’t want a less powerful united states.

Allowed you to immigrate to the USA?[/quote]
I don’t think the people taking the survey even know that I’m alive. But thanks for stroking my ego…

Allowed you to immigrate to the USA?[/quote]
I don’t think the people taking the survey even know that I’m alive. But thanks for stroking my ego…[/quote]

I wouldn’t necessarily push that line TC, in theory the US also gave him an education. Personally I’d be very much wanting a refund if I was in his flip flops.



Ha, I use to play hookie and cut class. Shows what you know, smarty pants… :raspberry:

Well I for one am more concerned about the USA repeating the history of last Chinese dynasty. Arrogance, declining economy, global unpopularity…could give 8 other States a silly idea of ganging up on the USA and carve out spheres in influence.

Well, Europe is a pretty highly populated place, so it’s a fair bet that a good chunk of those votes came from Europeans, so it really isn’t surprising.

Perhaps we should invade Europe…like France or Germany…they will welcome us like liberators.

as long as they flood us with cheap opium.

I thought heroin was the chic drug of choice these days…

Exceedingly well said. And well, true & a half.

No doubt!
What would CHina do in 20 years with all rejects of the US re-armament?
New World Order, indeed.
That’s a term the significance of which will boomerang through whole crops of peoples & nations.
“Once more into the breach…”

you have no sense of history or style ac.

Says the individual that wants “cheap opium.”

“Diminished Influence.” Isn’t that what they call it when it’s not really your fault, because you were drunk at the time?

That’s an excuse I get from women all the time.

Yes OK. It’s just because there is an “God made me do it” ex-alcoholic with Armageddon fantasies in the oral office. Now get over it.

Of course people not liking the present US administration and wishing for a weaker US are idiots. Because if US loses power, not the EU would grab that power, but rather China or Russia.

Probably rather the grand nation of Ivory Coast than an EU which is still in the process of self-defining itself.

I recall an older Aussie telling me, “Thank God for the U.S.” Why? becasue he is old enough to know that Australia would be now under Japanese rule if not for the U.S.
Now, understand that I am an American. I don’t presently agree with the current policies. However, I also know that when shit goes REALLY bad, the world will look to my sons to save their ass. Don’t believe me - hell, no problem. Fight fascists by yourself. My folks as well as others were killed protecting France, Italy and England. They had their casualties but I didn’t see many (excepting my Brit friends) raising arms in opposition.
America is thought of as the “WORLD POLICE”.
It shouldn’t be. Hell, protect your own country. To those immigrants from Iran that are seeking asylum in the U.S., Hell no!. Go home and solve it yourself. This isn’t my problem. It’s yours. Go solve it. Same with Cuba, Iraq and all the other piss ant piss of shit countries that want U.S. (my) home. Fix it. Don’t come whining to the U.S. until you have tried everything. My guess is that if the 50 million impoverished Dafur folks were to march on the so called authoritarians, the strong folks would fold. If the U.S. keeps inviting oppressed people asylum, there will be no change. Freedom is not free. I, for one, am tired of paying for their freedom. If the people truly want it then, hell, they should be the ones fighting for it, and paying for it.
The U.S. is so restricted now with rules of engagement that they can not effectively fight a war. The locals who are not burdened with this shit should go do the job. The oppossition will retreat. They will fade.
My children, grandchildren and beyond are burdened with trying to keep people free that have not paid the price. It will not go on long. Folks in these crap countries that think the U.S. is nothing but a patsy, money tree had better think again. I for one, am damned tired of my family going without so third world countries can have my U.S. money and my kids inheritance.
Just my opinion.


I sympathize with your frustration but this is about leadership and cooperation. Neither is easy but it is better than abdication of one’s responsibilities. That plain and simple.

I understand that you’re an American moron if you believe that the U.S. “protected” Europe during WWII while everyone else stood around and watched. The fact that this canard exists at all is sad commentary on how unrelievedly parochial and idiotic so many people in the U.S. can be.