4x4 Made in Germany, with an abundance of power

Just thought I share this with you guys, Porsche just recently released one of the most power-full, if not the most powerful stock SUV in the world.

Here are some details taken from this webpage:

Power bhp (kW) at RPM: 520(383) / 5500
Torque lb-ft (Nm) at RPM: 530(720) / 2750-3750
Acceleration 0-60 mph s: 4.8
Top Speed mph (km/h): 168 (270)

also the offical Porsche website
porsche.com/usa/models/cayen … e-turbo-s/

For real off-road driving you might need to do some modifications, but still impressive.

Personnally, I am a big fan of the Cayenne, I think it is one of the nicest looking SUV’s around. Not sure how well it would do off-road though.

I’d like to take that thing up into the woods and beat the krout out of it. Imagine the big rocks, slick logs, and deep mug-bogs you could bash through with all that power? :smiley:

I hope I get one for Valentine’s day

Just saw one Cayenne up here on the hill. There is a strange company with all kind of luxury cars going in and out (just brand new ones). No idea what they really do but it seems to be a kind of electronic company.
Really gets you down to see everyday a lot of this cars un- and uploading there while you still pass with this old tinny littel Fiat.

So ratbrain, might be I saw your Valentines prasent today. :wink:

I wouldn’t turn it down if I won the Cayenne in my company weiya, but jeez, it still looks like it’s made for taking the kids to soccer practice and bringing home the groceries.

If you’re gonna buy a Porsche, wouldn’t you rather get something like this:


exactly… even the new Turbo S version is a sheep in wolf’s clothing… “A 911 on stilts” as Jeremy Clarkson called it, in fact Top Gear were far from impressed with the Cayenne after their road test… If you want a Porsche, buy a 911 Turbo (or the GT as pictured above)… if you want a proper, luxury 4x4 buy a Range Rover… but why in gawds name go for the mutant offspring of the two… All that go, and more importantly all that price tag, but you’re up on stilts with rubbish suspension even in ‘sports’ mode and it weighs as much a small house, so you can forget going around corners… :loco: I’d definitely admit that it’s not “ugly” mind you… :wink:

I’m tempted to say jack of all trades but master of none… but let’s face it. This thing masters the street performance better than most GT cars.

I’m a purist though. I think throwing money at an SUV to make it perform like a sprts car is silly.

Range Rover? That’s one of the biggest (next to Mac products) marketing fuzz jobs in the modern world. I’ll trust the Porche off road before a Range Rover anyday. At least I haven’t actually seen how useless the Porche is.