500 dogs need your help!

On November 10, the KCSAA, an animal rescue organization in Kaohsiung, rescued 500 dogs from an illegal breeder. Yes, that’s correct 500dogs! The breeder was starving the bigger dogs to death because he couldn’t sell them and he was feeding only the smaller breeds which he thought he could sell. However he was feeding them rotten food infested with maggots. ALL the dogs are sick and emaciated. Many have died already.
See the link here (caution- graphic photos and videos): kcsaa.org.tw/Joomla_159/inde … Itemid=251

The dogs have all been taken to a shelter in the mountains of Kaohsiung county where they will be held until they are adopted. In the meantime, volunteers are helping to cut the hair of the dogs that have skin diseases so they can feel some relief and heal faster. Many of the dogs are small breeds and puppies and they are really feeling the cold weather, especially up in the mountain. The KCSAA desperately needs the following items:
-volunteers (especially weekdays)
-eye drops and ear drops/ cleaner
-food/ water dishes
-old shirts, jackets, sweaters, blankets and towels, especially small childrens’ and baby clothes
-flea/ tick/ heartworm control
-dog food
-grooming items such as scissors/ electric razors
-$$ for medical treatment (currently 170 dogs in various vet hospitals)
-adopters!! (Husky, Golden Retriever, Shitzu, Dashund, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Pit bull, Bull Dog, Doberman, Corgi, Chowchow, Poodle, etc…)

You can drop items off at Pet’s World (180 Boai 3rd road). Pet’s World is open 10am-10pm every day. BARK will do a pick up at Pet’s World everyday and deliver the items to the KCSAA.

This guy has been breeding dogs for years. The dogs that he couldn’t sell were starved and their bodies dumped into the gutter behind his property. Please remind anyone who wants to BUY a pure breed in Taiwan, that this is the trade they could be perpetuating. Then direct them to the link above to see a ‘breeder’ in Taiwan. There are so many more of these ‘breeders’ in Taiwan but they haven’t been caught yet.

Please ADOPT a pet, DON’T BUY one!

Thanks for your support.

Those pictures are horrific.

Do you have something on Facebook we can link to? That website you linked to screwed up my computer.

Well i saw this post and i feel like i really want to help… i am not sure what can i do… i dont even live close to Kaohsiung… but is there any possibility for them to mount pictures of the dogs for adoption online? i can promote between my friends to see who can take care a some of those little fellas… i would take one, but i am not sure my wife would let me have more pets… unless is a cat for her lol… but that is not going to happen for now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For those of us living far from Kaohsiung, a donation in cash makes more sense than sending food or supplies. Can you provide some bank transfer information?

As per the KCSAA website:

Donation methods:

First, Postal Service Transfer, account number:42069579
Account name: Kaohsiung Concern Stray Animal Association
※Remittance via Postal Service Transferwon’t charge handling fee (recommendable by the association)

Second, internet ATM accounts transfer:BANK OF TAIWAN, representative code 004.
Account number : 056001122594
※ATM accounts transfer will charge handling fee (base on the bank’s regulation by then)

Third, effect the remittance at other bank counters
BANK OF TAIWAN,representative code 004,SAN MING BRANCH, representative code 0565
Account name: The Corporation of Kaohsiung Concern Stray Animal Association
Account number:056001122594
※The bank will charge handling fee (base on the bank’s regulation by then)

Fourth, remit the donation directly at the counter of BANK OF TAIWAN( no deposit passbook )
Account name: The Corporation of Kaohsiung Concern Stray Animal Association
Account number:056001122594
※Direct remittance at BANK OF TAIWAN without a deposit passbook, no handling fee will be charged.

Fifth: pay easy with ezPay, please fill in clearly each required item in ezPay
ezPay web link–> mpp.neweb.com.tw/ezCashSimple/p … ber=455002

after going to the link and seeing the pictures i called the numbers given for the Kaushung government. I was put through to a Mr Zu who didn’t want to talk about it and told me that “they were following the law and would sort it out” he then procceeded to put the phone down on me. So i called back, not one to give up. and asked to speak to the supervisor. after a lot of balony i was put through.

Basically this is the story i got (although i dont believe it). The man was looking after many of these dogs for others, all the dogs came from people who didn’t want them so as a kind hearted person he said he would take them. The man said that there were only 3-4 dead dogs on site (although pics show differently). THe man was fined 250,000nt. He will not be allowed to adopt or raise animals again ( i think this is what i understood).
THe animals have been taken away some have been put to sleep and some have died.
The government told me that they agree that the dogs should be neutered but the governement doesn’t have enough money. The kaushung organziation said they will pay for them to be neutered and various other medical bills.
in total there were about 529 dogs.

i think that if many people whose chinese is better than mine call and ask questions, maybe more will be done. 07 7462368 or 07 7450413

THe owner of these dogs is a Mr Wu.

I will talk to Dr Lin who helps with the strays here in Taipei and see what he says.

Any updates?

Wow, this is absolutely disgusting. “I was showing my kindness”… :unamused:

I would adopt that Akita if it weren’t for the fact that I’m going to Taiwan (Kaohsiung) in 4-5 months (it’ll probably be gone by then) from now, although i wouldn’t mind getting one of those corgis. I hope all the dogs find good homes and recover from their conditions though.

This is the update by the KCSAA (Kaohsiung Concern Stray Animal Association)

A man named Tong-Jun Wu in Kaohsiung County had bred more than 500 dogs on his property. Some of which he couldn’t sell, so he simply stopped caring for them and let them die. When they died, he would throw their bodies in the river.

The KCSAA tried to help him care for the dogs giving him free food and saving more than 400 of his dogs that were in serious condition. He received a small fine, which he says he couldn’t pay and the authorities looked the other way.

Now he’s breeding again saying that the dogs aren’t his, even though they’re on his property.

The KCSAA are holding a protest this Thursday January 21st at 9:00am at City Hall in Feng Shan. Please join us! And please pass this on to EVERYONE!

The info of the campaign is listed below.
Location: Kaohsiung County Hall #132 Guang-Fu Rd. Fongshan City
The Chinese map: kscg.gov.tw/images/introduction_21.gif
English map: maps.google.com/maps?q=22.629724 … 01929&z=16

Assembly time: 9:00AM J an. 21 (Thur.) 2010

Assembly Locations:

  1. Kaohsiung Zuoying High Speed Rail Station
  2. The rear exit of Kaohsiung Train Station
    You may also go staight to the county hall.

Campaign props: make your own posters or any kind of props.

Uniform: please wear black top to mourn for the dead animals.


  1. remove all the equipments from the animal cruelty site immediately.
  2. punish those public servants who failed to perform their duty.
  3. charge the offender for defying the rules and bring him to justice.

Contact information : 07-322-2552 (office)
0939-721-857 (Ms. Wang)
0935-394-000 (Mr. Fang)
Kaohsiung Concern Stray Animal Association (KCSAA)
Registration No.: kaoshiung 89074