50x50x50 box

Yeah. Need to ship something out, the boxes at Carrefour don’t seem to work.


Call the post office, see if they have anything that will work for you

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In Taipei, go to a Filipino freight forwarder like EEC or Goldstar near St Christopher’s Church (Zhongshan N Road, Sec 3). The prices listed above are specifically for shipping to the Philippines, not for the boxes themselves.


This Shopee vendor seems to sell Goldstar the boxes online



Will take a look.

For internaional or domestic? Frgaile or not really?


Fragileish. Though they are in their own boxes and will be padded.

It’s cheaper to send as one box. Their boxes are also approaching 20 years old.

If its not asale (eg you ar sending to a friend or family) it may be easier to jus get a bix from the super market, undo the glue/staple seam, turn inside out and box it up like that. Looks nice and clean on the outside for customs. Still strong. Your things are already packaged, so not an issue. Just looks bad if you are selling something.

Once reversed, its easy to get a knife and slice down the corners and fold short to make it snug.

We have boxes of varying sizes that are t ply we expirt with (new). But we are far away from each other so may not work. I am leaving for chaiyi city, north tainan, north pingdong early tomorrow for a few days. If you happened to be there and can come to me i can give you boxes, but that almost certainly wont work out logistically.

The problem with recycled box from a big box store is these boxes have lost their integrity. And you can be sure stuff will get further beat up in the mail, so you really want something new, preferably double layered if you want the content to survive the journey.