591 Alternatives?

I am looking for alternatives to 591 for apartment hunting. I can read Chinese (as can my Taiwanese wife, of course), so thats not a barrier. I asked her what other sites she knows but she says she forgot them, though she knows they’re out there. Hunting for a place in New Taipei or Taoyuan. Thanks!

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agency websites

Used to be called happyrent in English

Find a neighborhood you like and drop by one of those home sale offices and ask for them to show you nearby rentals

Some individual landlords will just post houses for rent in the neighborhood or on the community board, rather than use 591.

I find this method to be the most effective. And, another rule of thumb for me, the smaller the agency is (and even the crappier it looks), the better.

Tsui Mama was a go-to way bacķ. Probably a thing of the past now.

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