5G systems

‘At a White House event, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced new spectrum auctions for 5G systems and said a US$20.4 billion fund would be established to help build high-speed broadband networks in rural areas over the next decade.

Which is really funny as the next big thing (6G probably) will be here before they even started rolling out 5G in rural areas!

the UK is already rolling it out to cows,

@Dr_Milker maybe you could run a test in Taiwan :smiley:

No thanks, man. Those 5G signals will give you udder cancer.

I remember reading last year one investigative person, claimed an LED light in the NE of England which had some 5G connected to it, had caused an increase in miscarriages and cancer.
The council put some kind of restriction on him reporting about it. A judge surprisingly overturned that.

5G frequencies are like gamma rays!


Have heard talks about 5G but do we have it yet? Anyone using 5G phones on 5G network? Any comments on availability and performance would be great.

We have it, but I heard it’ll switch back to 4G every once in a while due to the lack of BS.

Yes. Viewing websites is slightly faster. Loading Youtube videos is also faster.