6 month ARC extension renewal (total of 1 year)

So I just went to apply for the 6 month ARC extension today, and was informed that the new policy has come into place where that if you still haven’t found work after 6 months, you can now renew the extension for another 6 months, for a total of a one year extension.
Good news!


That is crazy, who can’t find a job in 6 months.

Also cool because you can take a year off if you’re rich.

That’s very good news.

Has anyone tried to renew the second time? Did you have to provide proof of a job or is this an automatic renewal once you go back to NIA?

I renewed for a second six months, and it was a very simple process, pretty much the same as the first time.

That’s great to hear! I thought it should be simple, but I’ve heard some people having a hard time renewing without finding a job. I wonder why that is.