6 month visa extension after leaving job/NHI

The Dogs is planning his last year in Taipei. I plan to leave my job after CNY, then travel around Asia for a bit with my savings using Taipei as a home base. I understand I have the option for a 6 month ARC extension after leaving my job, but what about NHI?

B-but if you leave, who will put the Tim’s in their place on the Taiwan subreddit? :pensive:

I actually don’t post there anymore, as ShrimpCrackers shadowbanned me.

I think you need to visit a NHI office to change your enrollment category. (It might be a HHR office.)

That’s what I thought, then pay the premiums directly.

Did you do this? How much are the premiums?

I quit working for a year to go to school (had APRC), went to the local NHI office and it was easy to sign up for self-pay NHI. It cost about NT$750/month four years ago. Can’t imagine it’s much more than that now.

I am paying $982 at the moment while employed. Your rate was really low…

Your premium is proportional to your salary. Their premium is average of all. So, if you earn less, you get much lower premium.