6% pension for foreign spouses, how do I make a pension account?

Can I get the card from one of the big 5 banks if my company doesn’t use any of those banks?

Go to the labor office.

They can check all payments that have been made on your behalf

APRC number to check recent payments.

for older payments during ARC days you’ll have to give them your old passport numbers. Fill in a form. Wait 6 weeks.

Then you’ll know how much your pot is.

You get the card from the city government. Pay a few hundred dollars. Then u can Check online your incoming payments & pot.

Interest accrued is between 1-3%. Depending on how the money was investment.

Remember there are two pensions in play.
Labor insurance -
Labor pension -

Law bow? :balance_scale: :bow_and_arrow: :thinking:

I think you mean laobao 勞保.

I think you can, its a govt card not tied to your company’s deposits

Update as promised.

Tried my upgraded ATM card in an ATM from the same bank, it’s working. Went to “Other transaction”, then chose “Labor inquiry”. I then got 2 options, “Labor pension” and “Labor insurance”. Both can be printed or shown on the screen.

The “labor pension” printout shows my ARC number, total pension balance, and last 5 transactions. It appears my work have been paying my pension since I joined the company without telling me, balance adds up to 6% monthly. Only issue is that the last payment was in August. I’ll wait to next paydate before complaining.

The “labor insurance” printout shows my ARC number, date I joined the insurance scheme (it’s the date of my first salary, NOT the day I joined the company), and my monthly salary the month I joined (actually the figure is lower than my real monthly salary).

The printout then shows the last 5 labor insurance transactions, which all appear as “00000000 C”. Strange, I would expect to see how much was paid by my company to the government here.

Below that it then shows the length of time ive been enrolled in the labor insurance scheme, in years and days.

Question: For anyone else in this thread with a card that can access the labor system , what do your last 5 labor insurance transactions look like? Thanks in advance.


Thats strange, mine shows the NTD amount of the last 6 transactions from my company to pension not 000000C

maybe recent transactions for labor insurance are not included to the info.




Thanks, that seems to exactly match what I’m seeing. Appears my company are correctly paying my labor insurance then (not that I’ve ever needed it so far).

Im curious has anyone withdrawn, collect monthly pension payouts or been given the lump sum of Pension for working less than 15 years? Can you detail that experience?

A lady I knew recently retired. Been in Taiwan forever. She collected about 1m. This is mostly from the law Baw labor insurance. Not the new labor pension.

With the Law Baw u collect whatever you’ve paid in - only when u teach retirement age.

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Law Bow pays lump sum only.

The new labor pension can be lump sum or monthly. also In the event of death your spouse or descendents can keep claiming until the pot is empty.

@Ted, please, please, PLEASE, it’s not law-bow, it’s LAOBAO! That goes for both Hanyu Pinyin and Tongyong Pinyin! :rainbow:

Or if you prefer Wade-Giles, laopao.

Thank you! :grinning:


I think its lump sum if you’ve worked under 15 years and monthly after 15 years

Glad I’m not the only one getting triggered by that.

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I finally got off my butt and got a debit card from one of the five banks.

I went to First Bank. Navigating through the screens on an ATM was very easy. I think three screens before I got what I wanted. And each icon has both Chinese and English and so there shouldn’t be any language barrier for those that have difficulty reading Chinese.

For Americans, get ready for them possibly giving you trouble if you need to open a new account (and not just changing your existing account to handle this function). I believe the hesitation I experienced had to do with FATCA requirements. Totally understandable but it still sucks. Just be persistent and you’ll get that bank account opened.

At the very end of the printout, I see I have a small amount I can deduct from my pension now? It must be a small percentage of the total. Not really sure what this was. I would never take money out of my pension account early, but I still found this option to be interesting.