6% pension for foreign spouses, how do I make a pension account?

I’ve read that foreign spouses of Taiwanese nationals with household registration are entitled to receive an additional 6% of their wages paid into a pension account. My question is, how does one open such a pension account? Where do we get our pension number, etc? Thanks a lot!

@yyy knows more.

Iirc, it is a part of labor insurance, or at least the same department handles both of them. Your employer should help you to pay the premium to the government from your salary.

Yes, but don’t I need to make a pension account first so they can actually pay the premium?

I’m looking for someone who has gone through the process to tell me the actual steps.

No. I think they manage it by your ID number, now ARC. For citizens, by national’s ID number.

Ok thank you.

Do you know what website I can go to check the balance of the account or see recent payments in?

Do you read Chinese?

If so, you will find info on it here.


I don’t know where you can check the balance, maybe at government office, but you can calculate your expected pention here.



Here it is. This may not be on the exact one, but must be similar.



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Thank you so much

This link is no longer working. Can anybody provide info on how to check your pension account? Does anybody have experience doing this? Thanks.

Yes there were many options the option I did was

  1. Go to my Work Bank (Where my employer Transfers my pay). In my case its Taishin
  2. Tell them I want to Swap my ATM Card for a Government Labor Pension ATM Card. Bring 2 forms ID/Stamp + ATM Card
  3. Waited 1 week for new card in mail. Or you can pick up from you Bank.
  4. Waited another 3 days for a new Passcode for New ATM card (it mails separately from ATM possibly for security reasons)
  5. Went to Taishin to activate the new ATM
  6. Log onto ATM and check go to Labor Insurance. Check Balance.

Inquiries of the Individual Labor Pension Accounts



And this will give you the total? This is my third job in Taiwan. All different banks. Would going through this process give me the total amount of pension accumulated from the three different jobs? Thanks.

I believe it doesn’t matter which Bank you apply from as long as its one of the big 5 Taiwan Local banks (Not Citibank or HSBC)
The new card is from the Government so would track all 3 jobs accumulated.
Yes it gives a running monthly balance.

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Obtain the Labor Protection Card from one of the 5 financial institutions designated by the Bureau of Labor Insurance:

  • Land Bank
  • E.Sun Bank
  • Taipei Fubon Bank
  • Taishin International Bank
  • First Bank

You can also use the app, but need to get an auth code first

get an auth code

Making inquiries by means of the smart phones and the tablets APP: Entering the BLI Mobile APP by means of your smart phone or tablet, you may have access to the data in your personal labor pension account. But, first of all, you need to have your mobile device authenticated by taking the following steps:
a. Download the BLI Mobile APP onto your smart phone or tablet, enable the Device Authenticating function of the Mobile APP, and complete authentication of the mobile device by scanning the QR-code or typing in the Device Authentication Code.
b. Log in, on a PC, the Mobile Service Account Operation under the BLI e-service system and then, by means of the Citizen Digital Certificate, create an account, enable the account, have a device authentication code generated, and finally obtain the QR-code and the device authentication code.


I have an JFRV ARC. Will my current employer and all previous employers have paid this pension?

If yes, then when did this scheme start?

yes, if labor standard act is applied to you. Since Jan. 17, 2014.


Thanks for this. I visited Landbank today and asked for a 勞動保障卡

They took my ARC, driving license, stamp, and ATM card, clerk filled out the forms. He said my existing ATM card has been upgraded and it will be able to access the labor insurance system in 7 days.

I’m curious to see if I have any pension money, will update this thread in a week.


For me it was exactly 6% of salary each month. I read somewhere this accrues interest rate at 2%

My ATM card came without the new 7 digit passcode. They said passcode arrives separately in mail 3 days later for security reasons. I think you can avoid this by picking up your new card + Passcode at your bank instead of by mail. Your old ATM passcode won’t work with the new card. My old ATM card automatically voided after 5 days so during the 3-4 day gap before I received the passcode for new ATM in mail I couldn’t withdraw from ATM. Then the ATM pass code they sent me did not work so I had to take time to go back to Taishin to have them fix it. Entire ordeal took 2 weeks.

Make sure you have enough cash for a week just in case