6 year driver's licence

I just read in teh newspaper today when we go to renew our DL they will all be valid for 6 years.

Whoopee another small advancement for expats in TAiwan. Also an international can now be used for 12 months and not the previous 3 month rule.

Does your drivers licence expire with APRC?

Just asked my coworker who are Taiwanese. Their drivers license also expires.
So I would say everyone’s drivers license expires.

Okay that makes sense then, thanks!

license expires when you turn 70 years old or something now if you have APRC. No need to renew. If you have an old one that expired in 6 yrs and you become APRC you can either wait until it renews or get a new one but they charge for that

6 year given to ARC holders

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They expire but do not have to be renewed. :grin: