60 Day Onward Ticket: Cart Before the Horse?

OK, so I need to present an onward ticket to get my tourist visa. But doesn’t that mean I need to predict how many days Taiwan will allow me to stay?

If I go into the Seattle TECO and hand them an itinerary indicating I fly out of Taiwan 60 days after my arrival, how do I know they won’t just issue me a 30 day visa non-extendable visa?

On that note, what if I show up with an onward ticket 180 days after my arrival? Will they a) laugh in my face and refuse to process the application b) require me to come back with another onward ticket leaving Taiwan within a more reasonable time, or c) issue me a 30-60 day visa and just hope that the situation resolves itself (normal bureaucratic solution).


Try it out and tell us what happens. They just want an indication that you will leave Taiwan eventually at your own expense.

Quite common to buy a full fare one-way ticket TPE-HKG which allows the little bureaucrats to tick that particular box and the ticket can be refunded minus NT$700. And it doesn’t cost too much in the first place (about NT$8,000). That’s what I used to do when the modern and international Taiwan government refused to give my wife a residence permit and made her live for two years in Taiwan on visitor visas. Remember you are dealing with intellectual midgets, and only need to find the cheapest way to have that box ticked. I can’t think of any cheaper way.

Make sure you buy the ticket directly from Cathay Pacific itself and ask for a full published fare ticket. Takes about a month to get the refund. If you were to buy one in Taipei in cash, the refund is instant when you take the ticket back to the office where it was bought.

there is a cheaper way.
check out jetstarasia.com

fly into singapore and stay a few days there. I think singapore is much more bearable then HK cuz everyone or almost everyone there can speak English
I just check the price for a round trip ticket tpe to sg and sg to tpe would cost a total of $7,821.00. The earlier u book the cheaper it is. Everyone’s been going to HK, try SIngapore for Once!