7-day self-health management, where can’t you go?

My mom arrives on Tuesday.

After her 7 day quarantine she is in self-health management for a further 7 days. During this time, where exactly can’t she go?

Government have been very vague on this, and last I heard, you can’t eat in at restaurants and can’t go to places with lots of people, but what is considered a place with lots of people? Is there a list?

Like what about a department store? On weekdays they are pretty empty, and even weekends now cos of COVID. Is judgement left up to the person undergoing the self health management?

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Nah, I’d steer clear of department stores. Even if they’re empty, the optics aren’t great if anyone finds out (you never know). I just plan to order a lot of pizza and drink a lot of wine with my folks when they’re on their 7 days. It’s a pain in the ass. We’re all crossing our fingers that it’s not still 7+7 when they arrive in late July.


There’s a fair bit of detail at the site linked below, but I’m not sure about the validity.

My take is there’s a lot of flexibility; the key thing is ensure you can maintain social distancing. I take that to mean you’re allowed in non-crowded department stores, but I think @DrewC is right that it’d be best to steer clear of them.

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Thanks for this site.

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Another good site:


Machine translation:

Q3. Can self-health managers go to supermarkets or supermarkets to buy things?
A3. If the self-health manager does not have any symptoms, he can live a normal life. When entering a supermarket or supermarket, he must wear a mask at all times. However, these places are prone to close contact with unspecified people. If there are too many people in the place, it is difficult to maintain social interaction If you are far away, you should avoid entering, or leave as soon as possible to avoid staying for a long time.

Q4. Will I be penalized for violating the relevant regulations on autonomous health management?
A4. If you fail to comply with the regulations on self-management of health, it is a violation of Articles 48 and 58 of the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Act, and will be fined between NT$60,000 and NT$300,000 in accordance with Articles 67 and 69 of the same law. Chong or a fine of NT$10,000 to NT$150,000.

Q6. Can autonomous health managers take public transportation?
A6. General autonomous health managers can, according to the reply from the 1922 staff of the epidemic prevention line, if there are no symptoms, they can take public transportation, and they must wear medical masks correctly throughout the process; the enhanced version of the autonomous health manager stipulates that public transportation is prohibited.

Btw, what is the enhanced version of the self health management that question 6 mentions?

It’s so ridiculous the government doesn’t have this kind of info available. It’s so hard to follow the rules.


I wonder about going maskless at the gym.

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Oh yeah … I’m planning to go to the swimming pool tomorrow, two days into the self-health management. I haven’t seen anything saying it’s not allowed, but pools to me would seem less of a risk than a gym.

If going maskless at the gym/pool is ok, then surely a trip to a department store is ok?

I think we are overthinking this


Just don’t do anything foolish and stay away from super crowded places. Your mom will be able to go just about anywhere else. When in doubt leave the phone home.

As a reminder, she will get an sms every day asking how she feels. 1 for ok, etc. So if you plan a trip, phone has to come along.

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Does anyone know the fine for going to a crowded place or restaurant when in self health management? Would like to know for reference

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I saw this:

After the period of quarantine measures expires, you will continue to do 7 days of self-health management, and do one rapid test on the last day of home quarantine period, and cooperate with the two-way SMS to report the test results; otherwise, the investigation and punishment will be strengthened, and the maximum fine is 300,000 NT dollars.

But wording is weird. Not if sure that fine is for not reporting your test results, or for breaking self health management guidelines.

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People who have been asked to undergo self-health management following quarantine and those with suspected COVID symptoms are prohibited from entering. Violators will be fined NT$10,000-300,000 under the Communicable Disease Control Act.


That’s interesting. Thank you

I wonder what happens if the person being fined is just a visitor. Can they stop you from leaving the country until you pay the fine?

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Uh oh - I thought I was done with the testing. Um, should the government have contacted me again? I got the official isolation notice link via text message a couple of weeks ago, the day after my official isolation period began, but I’ve had zero correspondence since.

As far as I can figure tomorrow is the last day of my self-health management, although I’m still confused about how seven days are counted. My isolation was Sat. May 28 to Sat. June 4, inclusive; and I believe the seven days of self-health management is Sun. June 5 to Sat. June 11, inclusive.

Note the article linked above is for people under self-health management after arriving in the country; I’m not sure how the rules differ for those under these rules due to catching the virus, versus arrivals.

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That refers to people coming from a foreign country, right?

Edit. You already said that later.

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Yeah, but one of the problems I’ve had with searching for English-language info is that I’ll usually find instructions for arrivals, rather than positive cases.

Anyway my current plan is do nothing else and assume I’m free to live a normal (well, masked) life on Sunday.


To confirm - a rapid test only on the last day of the quarantine (make a photo of the result).

No rapid test during any time of self-health mgmt. You are free to do any testing you want though :laughing:

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Nevermind - I believe you are asking for a quarantine because being positive.

My comment was for arrivals.

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Can you travel out of Taiwan while you are on the 7-day self-health management phase?

Just confirmed it on the phone myself. It’s allowed to leave Taiwan even if you haven’t completed self-health management, as long as you have no symptoms.

Apparently they don’t care if you leave Taiwan and make people sick elsewhere.