8 weeks to get a new British passport

Last time I got a new British passport sent to Taiwan it took less than a week. You would think people who process passports, especially for people living abroad would be considered essential workers. How long is it taking your country to process passports right now?

Kiwi here. Applied Friday night. Passport arrived Monday. Amazing. Much cheaper than the UK one too so let that one lapse.

The US posted almost the the same timeframe awhile back, but when I renewed mine in fall, I actually got mine in 2 weeks. I was expecting it to take months, but I have a feeling that that passports processed out of country might take higher priority. Hope you get yours soon.

I had a nightmare getting my UK passport renewed during the first lockdown. Took a lot longer than 8 weeks - almost 4 months IIRC. I had to get an emergency ARC extension.

Luckily the passport is for my daughter, who is also a Taiwan national so there is no hurry. That sounds terrible.

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It was very worrying until I visited the immigration office and a Taiwanese chap smiled, thought for a moment, and gave me a 6 month extension no questions asked. Just asked me to pop back once I got my passport.


British Passports got a whole lot cheaper (in face value) from today. :smiley:


Just had a word with HMPO via Webchat. They are confirming 8 weeks turnaround time right now.

My daughter’s British passport was just approved after almost exactly one month, strangely on a Saturday.

Dude? You only have an ARC?

What people describe as a JFRV is an ARC sponsored by a family member.


You’ve been around long enough to get an APRC, though. Just odd that you haven’t.

I have my reasons, which I have posted elsewhere on the flob in the past but ended up in a row with APRC supporters, so don’t want to repeat them.

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Ok. Update.

Mailed Passport via DHL on Wednesday afternoon in Taipei. Delivered Friday afternoon UK time and signed for at HMPO. I sent via DHL for a) speed b) security and c) trackability. But it did cost a lot. F**k it! In these uncertain times, getting those things is a bargain.

Passport was notified by HMPO as received Monday… and today the new one is already wending its way to the printers. No idea when I get either the new one or the old one back.

It ‘might’ be faster than 8 weeks. But some delays expected. Will keep you posted.

2 mins ago Just got a notice saying the new one is already on its way. Whoa! Still no idea when it will arrive.

It will be with you in a few days.

My daughters passport arrived a couple days after it was dispatched. It will be delivered to you by DHL.

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Good, good! I guess I get the new color too!!! Tks!

Yes but the passport itself is much lower quality. The data page is solid plastic which is cool, but the pages are very flimsy and there are no cool designs on the pages like the old one, every page is the same, ugly.

That’s Brexit for you. Art is too European. I presume they increased the price at the same time? :uk: :uk: :uk:

(I got mine just after they decided apparently without warning that extra time from previous passports couldn’t be carried over anymore, thus effectively increasing the price by decreasing the validity period.)

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I had mine extended last time, including the five months or so… but you don’t get the remaining time, right?

I don’t care particularly what it’s made of… but it was probably a rushed redesign pushed through by the govt. at the last minute. No one seems to do long range planning these days.

In other news, it’s already being shipped out from the airport. I should collect it on Monday, I believe. No idea what time yet! It looks like the 8 weeks is only a guideline to cover unexpected events. I don’t know when my old PP gets returned, though. It will come separately.

Gotta go to get my ARC updated next week or so.