9 days in Thailand?

I’ve got 9 days to vacation with my g/f. I’ll be in Malaysia before hand, and she’ll be coming from Taiwan, so we thought Thailand would be best. My ideal is some hiking, a bit of yoga, some beer, and some riding around on motorbike. My g/f’s ideal is lying on the beach, massages, and food. She’s up for the hiking, yoga, beer, and motorbike, also.

One possible itinerary is to go south from Bangkok Ko Samet/Ko Chang way, then if time permits across to Phnom Phen for a couple of days and a flight back to Bangkok. Although, I doubt time will permit the Phnom Phen visit.

Another is to go north toward Chiang Mai and noodle around the North a bit for a few days on a bike. I’m thinking, however, that there might still be a few tensions simmering, maybe even some conflict, given Chiang Mai is Red Shirt territory and the current conflict is by no means resolved.

Another possibility is to go down towards Samui, Ko Phangan etc.

A bit lost, really. We even considered Ankor Wat/Vietnam/Laos, but, given that I’ll be coming from Malaysia, and my g/f is limited in the time she can take from work, Thailand seems the best idea. Not enough time is the real problem.

Better ideas or ways to tweak any of the above would be welcomed…

Spend some time on http://travelfish.org. There is a lot of useful information for traveling around SE Asia.

You got plenty of time, real question is do you want to spend at least two half-days on flying and what that entails? Chiang Mai, Laos, Samui, Phuket, Cambodia all require flights. Koh Chang you can drive to but it’s a half day each way too (well not a full half day, but a practical half day). Ayuttaya, Samet, Hua Hin, Cha-Am, and the Pattaya area are all drivable. If you decide NOT to fly once in Thailand, you’re choices will be simpler (though not necessarily as fun). If you do a driving tour (it’s not as bad driving as you may have heard, especially once out of the city), you can do hiking and beaches and things without having to fly, but you’ll be missing the mountainous areas of the north and the clearer waters of the south and south-west.

Travelfish is great. I had a good look there the other night. I just thought I’d cast my net a bit wider. Geddit? :roflmao: No, but seriously, you’re right, I should go back there and do a bit more searching. I just have to guard against getting distracted with so much on offer.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’ve been in Taiwan long enough without a car that I’ve let my driving license lapse. Shame as I actually have very fond memories of a Taiwan driving tour from a few years back.

In any case I could shoot around all the places you mention above in 9 days but don’t you think it would be a little crazed? I’m thinking it would be better to just catch a couple of them. Try and mix it up so that I get in a some hiking and beach time. I’ve no problem with a bit of flying. What do you think of my Ko Samet/Chang then over to Phnom Penh plan? Is a day or two checking out Phnom Penh worth it? One point in its favor is that side of the peninsula -Pattaya/Samet/Chang is dryer and I’ll be traveling in August - smack in the middle of rainy season. I think you’re saying the water won’t be as nice, though, yes?

Another option is try and cover both the Ko Samet/Chang leg and then head back up to Kachinburi province. I’d love a trip to the one of the Myanmar/Thai border towns. I’m presuming you know Thailand better than me, so, given what you could do, what would you do - to aim at a nice balance between active and kicking back?

Must be the lame humor. Mea culpa.

me go next month. my suggestion: go to kanchanaburi on the little train from BKK and then on to sangkhlaburi on the burmese border. both are top places with heaps to do.

Cheers bear, I might do exactly that. Tickets are booked there and back. All we need do is fill in the in between. Looking forward to it greatly.