A Baby is Born~Merry Christmas!

I just want to share my nice story of the day:

I just witnessed the birth of a puppy this noon. I was walking out to buy breakfast and passed by my vet’s place. Walked in to see if something I ordered had come in and I hear this deep moan.

This golden lab was giving birth and moaning because she had had nine babies already. Her owners brought her to the vet because she was having trouble having her tenth. I witnessed the whole thing and was in shock and disbelief because I was actually watching a living being give birth. Wow.

The tenth baby was stuck in the birth canal and when the doctor pulled him out he was dead. But wait! Five minutes later, another one plopped out! Baby girl number 11. Welcome to the world, Noelle! :wink:

Best wishes, all!

A nice Christmasy story. Thanks for telling us about this 914.
And a very Merry Christmas to you!

So cool – Noelle and I share the same birthday. Hope she turns out better than I did! :laughing: :bravo:
Merry Christmas all.

I hope you brought frank scents and furr.

Merry Birthday, Vannyel! :happybiker:

Nice story, kind of. The dead pup plug part wasn’t so heart warming.

Happy Birthday Vannyel.