A book in Chinese and English by a woman in Taichung named

“Savannah” a pen name

her book is called BIANG BIANG SAVANNAH it is in Chinese and Englsih bilingual edition, a novel, short stories. great stuff from a great writer.

anyone see it yet? read it yet?

who is she? and why does she use pen name only. Book gives no evidence of who she is, no email, etc, but she is English teacher in Taichung, not 30 anymore, not yet 50 either… who?

It’s really a good book, if only and not only because for the first time one can read what it is like to be an expat woman in Taiwan, and in these 50 odd stories in ENglish and translated on same page opposite in chinese, one sees the main character named Savannah, acutally she calls herself $avannah for reasons the book tells, one sees her having a wonderful time as a woman expat, with lovers and boyfriends galore. For obvious reasons, she does not give her real name in the book or on the book jacket inside, as she still lives here in Taiwan and does not want to go public quite yet. maybe never. that’s okay. We don’t need to know her name and if anyone in Taichung knows her name, please do not print it here. Preserve her privacy yes. But I do recommond this book in ENglish for expats, as it’s the first of its kind ever. I think women will love it, I know my gf in Keelung did. It’s funny, sarcastic, ironic, loving and warm. But who the heck is this giftedwriter who wants to remain anonymous? All i can figure out from the stories is she is a teacher, frm UK or Canada or USA, lives in Taichung, been here 5 years or so, speaks taiwanese and chinese fluently and loves her new life here. Maybe 40 years old, maybe 27 … hard to tell. surely someone in Taichung knows her. maybe she can even tell us something about her book if she’s reading this … and no, I do not work for her book publisher altho it’s a major publishing firm here. major major. about 3000 copies are in print. has anyone seen it yet? cool yellow cover. published in september i think. i hope other women read it and are inspried to write about their lives here too.