A cat has 9 lives, how many does a dog have?

My dod - Vivi did something incredibly stupid yesterday.

I took a day off and went up to neiwan with toasty and his beautiful black tugou/retriever mix.

When we stopped at frog rock my dog - Vivi - ran out the car, ran for me, and jumped over the fence separating the little rest area and the river bed. the obviously thought that there was a flat surface to land on. There was not, so she took a major dive.

The fall was 15 feet or so, and my dog screamed in fear on the way down. I could hear when she hit the ground, a scream and a thud.

I did not dare to look down, but ran over to a corner and started climbing down, expecting to find the mangled remains of my dog there. 2 meters down, i spoted Vivi walking down the riverbed, looking somewhat shaked, but still all right.

She climbed up, got a few hugs and went into the car. Nothing broken and her appetite is still good.

Still alive - fools luck, I say.

I don’t think 15 feet is high enough to kill her but It’s a wonder she isn’t even injured at all. Next time, she will think twice before hopping a fence if she can’t see the other side. :laughing: (sympathetic laugh)

My old dog once ran into a closed patio door at full speed. Got up, shook his head(looked in pain) and carried on chasing the squirrel that had come into our house. Dogs have very high pain threshold.


Damn! Glad to hear she’s OK, Mr. He.

It’s great she’s okay Mr. He. In retrospect, I hope you can see it in your mind as something from one of those Roadrunner episodes.

I had a similar thing happen to me once, when I was walking a husky. He decided to take a leap over a barrior on the side of the road (he saw it as a challenge, I guess), which had a good 7 metre drop on the other side. Surprised he didn’t break his neck on the chain/collar, really.

I’m not sure how many lives Vivi has, but she certainly used up one of them on our daytrip yesterday. I wasn’t expecting to see her moving about when I looked down that drop off after she fell. But there she was, walking off the soreness. A couple of whimpers later, she even climbed up the steep rocks by herself; the only sign that anything happened was a minor scrape on the bridge of her nose. Very lucky girl indeed!