A day in the life of an Audi TT

It was a beautiful gorgeous day today and a holiday on a Monday and therefore it felt like a Sunday

Wifey wanted to go cherry picking in Brentwood which we love to do and unfortunately the season is very short so we need to make the best of it

Was debating between taking the Prius which is my daily transport or using my once a week privilege of driving the wife’s TT decided to go with the latter

And she did not want to take the wheel so first off, we hit it across the bay bridge to the east bay to Martinez to one of our favorite Greek restaurants. Called Troy right on Main Street there.

It was great as usual, and then we set off to feed the ducks over at the marina there nearby we had some leftover french fries that we thought maybe the geese would like them or the pigeons but both didn’t like them. Nobody liked them so chucked it in the garbaggio

Jumped on Highway 4 heading towards Brentwood which goes past Pittsburgh and that stretch of freeway is a little bit dicey because people drive very fast and there has been quite a few shootings. Where people have shot at others in cars from their cars and it’s just a little bit of a scary stretch . Some people have died this way

Possibly road rage but not sure at any rate don’t piss off anybody on that stretch of road

Didn’t see any police presence and people were doing basically 90 plus and we were not far behind let’s just say that nobody was keeping to the speed limit

Cherry picking was great. We went to a farm that we had not been to before and the trees were newer there and lower to the ground, so no ladder was needed Tammy was a little disappointed as she likes to climb trees

Perhaps in another life, she was a monkey like me

We went back to Martinez afterwords to one of our favorite cafés there called States coffee where they actually roast their own coffee. They have a little coffee roaster on premises and they do a great job. Their coffee is excellent expensive but excellent we’re talking 6.75 a cup of honey latte or some fancy tea or whatever everything seems to be 6.75 for a cup before tips, so she had one tea of some sort and I had the honey latte and there was a toast for another six bucks

Stopped by the Buchanan airport in nearby Concord where they are actually building a passenger terminal for the first time in decades. I understand that a long time ago some airline I think PSA maybe I don’t know had an operation there with Boeing 737s, which is almost unimaginable because the runway is pretty damn short and I don’t think there is any ILS equipment either. This was for jet suite which I believe is expanding their operations there with Embraer 135s. It’s a nice little airport with quite a few private planes and a couple private jets , came across a challenger 300 and a single engine sirrus SF 50. .

We were going to see a movie , but Tammy said she was tired and wanna go home so we decided head on back so we jumped on the freeway and I noticed a white Mustang 5.0 was right behind me so I jumped on a little bit, turned the sharp corner onto the freeway and that sucker was on my tail And we played a little bit of cat and mouse on the freeway. He obviously was looking for a bit of fun. This all within reason nothing real crazy

Funny in my Prius I just get ignored but when in the TT I do often get challenged and often by mustangs for some reason

Tammy says she’s often challenged by Porsches when she goes down to Palo Alto via the 280 on which people largely ignor the 65 speed limit

To be honest a 5.0 mustang which I believe was the 2023 model is faster than a four-cylinder TT so he was well ahead of us but due to traffic I was able to pass him a couple times and he passed me back and just before the Bay bridge we both shot past a Bentley , he caught up alongside me and rolled down his window and waved to say hi and I gave him a thumbs up and we parted ways as I headed for the bridge while he ventured off towards Berkeley

Very juvenile of me I know boy racing a juvenile in a Stang five point O

And basically only juveniles drive Stang five point Os

Well both of us are driving dinosaur cars using Dino juice

Soon to be superseded by lectrik cars

Juveniles in Stangs never seem to challenge Tëslas and there are gosh dang so many of them on the freeway and all over the damn place. Nobody challenges, a Tesla because to be honest Tesla are pretty dang fast and can smoke our butts

I should go back to my Prius and act my age


How were the cherries? I really miss those California cherries (get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about the fruit).


So good 4 bucks a pound at pick ‘em yourselves 8 a pound in supermarkets

Brentwood cherries are the best in the world

Yeah, I’ve only had Oregon cherries in recent years, which are pretty good, but still nothing like Brentwood…or even Bing. :confused:

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Mostly Bing in Brentwood
The occasional farm has rainier which we also like

I remember a redder variety from there. Don’t know the name.

Yeah, we get those in Oregon. Not my favorite.

Not sure we have been told only Bing and rainier

Any maraschino ? Not sure

I was expecting a different thread


Me too!

I want my money back. :rofl:



I woke up
Got outta bed
Dragged a comb across my head…


The instagrammification of forumosa continues!


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Who uses a comb these days? :thinking:

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People with hair?


Seems like they use brushes…

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I was rather confused why you were speaking for TT. :sob:

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Sounds like a lovely day tho @tommy525

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4000 holes?


Still got all my hair and all still black and I’ve only ever needed to just dry off
Comb not needed

Wife is already bored with her TT and is now pointing out URUS yeah right good luck with that one she can have one of those when I get my Ferrari. Long wait !!! Somebody a few streets away got an urus and it’s only the second one I’ve seen on the streets

I just wanted to get a crosstrek or maybe the new Prius which while still not exciting is now not slow and actually not bad looking and has AWD

Next thing on the piggy bank list is just an electric bike though


In Blackburn, Lancashire?


I was expecting it too, so now you somehow owe us a post!

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