A different look at Israel/Palestine


Man walks from Nazareth to Bethlehem with a donkey. He couldn’t seem to find a pregnant virgin to accompany him, but it’s an interesting little journal all the same.

Did anyone give him any gold, frankincense or myrrh? Or do you only get that when Maria gets mysteriously knocked up?

Urodacus, are you ever actually offline?

I have three monitors on my computer at work: one is a widescreen for the text i am working on, one is a normal screen for the figures and generally is the Acrobat or Photoshop monitor, and the third screen (two extra video cards) runs Firefox all day, with notification of new new posts on forumosa. So I guess the answer is “Yup, always online and easily distracted”.

It helps being isolated in a box of an office in a building full of people I can’t speak to.

You should get a donkey. Get out more.

maybe I’d stay home more if I had a donkey. va va voom! :astonished:

Now, anybody got anything on topic to say?

A good story, Loretta.

[quote]But the Palestinian government insists some things are improving here, especially in terms of security.
I could not go to a better place to see if that was true than the next stop on my route, Jenin’s large refugee camp, just west of the city.
Until recently, it was a militant stronghold, even after large parts of the camp were destroyed in an Israeli invasion six years ago. It is where our satellite van waited to meet me with some radio equipment that I needed.
“You are lucky the gunmen did not shoot at you,” said a young man walking towards us when I reached the camp.
"I called them to say you were journalists and not the Israeli army. That van of yours looks exactly like the one the Israeli forces came in yesterday when they killed Jihad.
“Somebody up the road called the gunmen in the hills to warn them you were coming.”

The third donkey was impeccably behaved on Wednesday
We quickly decided the van should leave as soon as possible. I continued on my way too, donkey by my side.[/quote]

After all, who would shoot at a man with an ass…


Now, anybody got anything on topic to say?[/quote]


Can you eat myrrh?

Only when in mufti…

Where dat?

Not shure,
Something about a fire down below.
I forget the lyrics.