A factory owner or Tai restaruant owner. ..or visa sponsor?

A friend of mine in Thailand wants to come to Taiwan. She needs a sponsor because getting a Taiwan visa is very difficult for Thais. If anyone out there can help with getting my friend a visa please post here or contact me by pm. All ideas are welcome. She wants to come to Taiwan long term. Maybe 1 year…thanks

Is 1 year long term? Has she checked with the agencies in Thailand?

You could marry her and apply for spouse visa… I mean why would anybody go thru the expense and hassle of helping a complete stranger get a visa to come here for one year??? :noway: :noway:

And of course your friend would not actually be working for the visa host… surely you don’t mean to ask the lcoals here to commit a crime by providing a visa for somebody they have no intention of actually employing??? :loco: :loco:

Me thinks Steve’s lovely wife would not agree to this! :laughing:

Crime? “teachers” all over Taiwan are committing crimes all the time all over Taiwan… what’s one more crime between friends?! :bravo: