A Forum Section entirely in Chinese. Why not?

Chinese charater forum. Good idea or not?

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I need practice writing Chinese. Would it be possible to get a forum section in Chinese so we could write to each other in Chinese and have people answer in Chinese, or maybe correct us in English?

Just a thought. :rainbow:


In part because this board already has a lot of forums, Forumosa.com no longer works so much under the “if you build it, they will come” approach. Instead, new forums usually come about in response to a gathering mass of posts related to a particular subject area. Right now there aren’t many posts – much less entire threads – in Mandarin. So the best way for such a forum to come into being is if you simply began posting in Mandarin, probably in the “Learning Chinese” forum.

If people respond in kind and continue to do so, the creation of such a forum would be a strong possibility.

I think one of the 'why not?'s is that this is supposed to be an English language board, and also, as Cranky said, because there’s also 50 something forumss already.

Try taiwanho.com

They have recently started such a board.

Also, if I remember correctly, the moderators have considered this, and it could be possible if there was demand.


Maybe you could start a thread in Chinese and see how it goes. I know there are quite a few Taiwanese members of Forumosa who might be more willing to give some opinions if they’re embarrassed to use English. If that goes well, then maybe the moderators would consider it. I think a Chinese forum is better than the GLBT forum that we discussed a while ago. I’d like to hear more from our Taiwanese hosts, but I’m afraid many of them are a bit shy to put in their two cents.

This maybe true but why would they want to give an opinion when the majority of their audience can’t understand what they post???
IF I could read/write Chinese, I would be visiting a native Chinese forum and expressing my ideas with native speakers unless it was a problem particular to foreigners living in Taiwan. Why would I want to learn ‘bad’ chinese from other foreigners posting ‘bad’ chinese? :laughing:

Would it go in the “Learning Chinese” forum?

Ah crap, now I’ll have to think of something interesting to say that I’m actually capable of writing in Chinese.

Only if it’s in pinyin. I still haven’t gotten the hang of typing in Chinese yet and am far, far, FAR from being able to read more than a few hundred characters. Perhaps as a compromise, a forum for newbies to practice their Mandarin in pinyin would be better than one in Chinese characters.

'cause with my ㄅㄆㄇㄈtyping skills it would take me all week to have a conversation OK嗎?

I unfortunately can only type pinyin which is then translated into simplified characters, not traditional. This is a standard feature of Windows XP as far as I know (you may have to down load something). You don’t even have to put the tone in.

Where can I get a program where I input pinyin and get traditional characters?

Wo bu zhidao.

If you’re using Windows XP, you’ve already got it, and you just need to turn it on.

It’s called New Phonetic IME 2002a or something. Go into your laguage settings. Under the Language Chiense Traditional (Taiwan) you need to add a new keyboard setting for it. Then right click on it and get the properties. Under ‘keyboard mapping’ choose pinyin. Then you can just type pinyin and get characters. You have to recognise which characters to choose though.


[Edit: I didn’t notice someone already posted about pinyin and traditional characters.]

What about a forum section that puts Chinese and English machine translations together? Like this:

外籍傳教夫婦 愛在台灣 Foreign missionaries fall in love in Kaohsiung!

記者黃秀枝╱專訪 from the Liberty Times

(see English below from Babelfish)


六十六歲的白斯理(Les Barnard)來自英國,三十年前飛過半個地球到台灣傳教,和當時來自澳洲的藍恬梅(Thelma Barnard)相遇,姻緣千里一線牽,七年前,兩人從相識到相愛,共譜黃昏之戀,結為連理,老夫老妻攜手在台灣這塊土地傳福音,豐富台灣民眾的心靈。







Foreign does missionary work husbands and wives to love in Taiwan

by Reporter Huang Xiuchih

interview Gao Shihling in elegant good faith church, whenever Wednesday evening, an enemy sends gray foreign old Mr. and Mrs. Bai Si Li and the blue plum, separately uses English and the fluent Chinese, explains the profound in simple language in the explanation Holy Bible story and the life significance, the vivid content causes in the small classroom often to spread the students laughter and the warm discussion sound. 66 year-old Bai the Si principle (Les Barnard) comes from England, does missionary work 30 years forward flight more than half Earth to Taiwan, with came from Australia’s blue plum (Thelma Barnard) to meet one another at that time, marriage affinity great distance pulled, seven years ago, two people to fell in love from the acquaintance, altogether scored loving of the dusk, tied for , the elderly married couples hand in hand passed on the gospel in Taiwan this land, enriched the Taiwan populace’s mind. Blue Mei Shenshen believed that, this section of fate is God’s arrangement. More than 30 years ago, two person of causes opportune moments fly Taiwan, are acquainted with one another because of the church work, but at that time, Bai Si principle married, come together with another half Luo silk, the husbands and wives and the blue plum is a good friend, blue plum dialogue Si principle actually certainly not special feeling. 30 for many years, the blue plum continuously has kept the Taiwan propaganda, the service place from Taichung to Hsinchu, again arrives Gaoxiong, deep love Taiwan this land, regarding Taiwan populace simple and honorable friendly, the impression is especially profound, she also from more than 20 year-old female, in an instant has become 61 year-old "Arab League the life most essence year contribution for Taiwan’s populace, the penetration Holy Bible leads reads and English teaching, disseminates the gospel, comforts the populace the mind. Bai Si Li circumstances and blue plum entirely different, Bai the Si principle first time comes in front of Gaoxiong the town processing outlet area propaganda seven years, often the grocer sets up a stall the propaganda with wife Luo Ssute, passes on the gospel by the peaceful reunification way, strengthens the basic organization the populace void mind world, afterwards returned to England to obtain technology doctor, entered China by the scholar identity, successively in Qinghua University, northwest industrial university, the Beijing scientific and technical university taught, the Tiananmen Incident eve, left China to return to England, the wife because the cancer dies of illness. After Bai Si Lijao the Earth big half-turn, eight years ago has been invited re-entry Taiwan, meet more than 20 year ago once again the good friend blue plum, blue plum continuously unmarried, meet one another once more, two people deep deeply recognize opposite party, late in life year, decision step of on red felt another end. Bai Si Li and the blue plum husbands and wives two people both very much love Gaoxiong, for seven years settle down Gaoxiong, except pass on the gospel, lead read the Holy Bible, teach outside English, the husbands and wives biggest pleasure is to likes the riverside taking a walk drinks the coffee south, enjoys the Taiwan comfortable afternoon dusk. – THE END

[quote=“lane119”]What about a forum section that puts Chinese and English machine translations together? Like this:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: 上面那個POST, 真好笑. 因該要這樣做吧, 會讓我們的chinglish進步很多對不對. 可是我會怕我寫中文不太好,別人會笑我.

taiwanho 真的有中文forum嗎 - 我去看看好了.

[quote=“lane119”]What about a forum section that puts Chinese and English machine translations together? Like this:

外籍傳教夫婦 愛在台灣 Foreign missionaries fall in love in Kaohsiung (Gaoxiong)!

記者黃秀枝╱專訪 from the Liberty Times


Ssshhh! The Taiwanese government will hear you! They paid me to translate that very article the other day, and if they see your version is faster and so much more elegant, I’m out of a job!!! :noway: