A free Ragnarok Online server (no new accounts)

They’ve stopped giving out accounts for some reason. I’ll try to find out and post back if they plan on giving out new account again.

I’ve been wanting to post this info for a while but their download links weren’t working. Well I’m downloading the game now and should have it up and running shortly. My friends back home say it’s killer fun, they kept bugging me to join. Just thought I’d share the free game goodness love. :heart:

Click the quoted text to go to the site for more information.

I’m going to try it out, just to know what my students are playing when they talk about RO. But the average age on MobRO is 15-18… It’s a kid’s game!!!

What’s this kids game stuff?!? Where’d these numbers come from? Back when I did all my internet surfing a cafe’s it was a room full of 20+ year olds playing it. And I’m sure adult gamers have PC’s of their own at home. I recall reading that the average age of the video gamer is 29 now.

I forgot to what I really meant to say. After you install it, get ready for a long update process. Mine must have been going for 20 minutes now (I think). It’s not done yet.

The second update file ended a few minutes ago. Now the third one is hanging up, so I way have to wait until another day (or later tonight) to try it. Now that took a long time.

I started downloading the 688 MB file, and everything looked fine, and then I left for work with 20 minutes remaining for the whole download. Then when I got back it said there was an error. So now I’m downloading that big file again. It takes 4 hours at about 46KB/s.

They must have been in the process of updating their site. Now the third update file thing is working, but now I can’t log into their site. Hopefully that will be fixed soon. What can I say? You get what you pay for :slight_smile:

I take that back, I was using the wrong password :blush:

They changed their site. Go here to download mob-ro.com/install.php

This a really cool game and free on top of that.

i got it going… it’s pretty cool. I’m level 7 and I have a great sword that some kind guy gave me

I’m still using the cheesy beginner sword and really don’t know what I’m doing. I am on level 11 though and have joined my friend’s group now. I tried following them into the dungeon to fight but it was practically instant death. Looking forward to leveling up and changing my job.

The links to mob-ro are not what they could be. I found it impossible to get a new account for my friend today. I don’t know why, and also the downloads page was out of service. Still got to play, though.

I just found out that they stopped giving out new accounts a little while ago. I’m going to ask why and if they’ll start giving out new ones again in the forum, I’ll just change the topic title for now. You got in right at the last minute.

It’s an addictive game…

Yeah it is, I’m up to level 38 now. It’s funny too because I still don’t really understand the point of it. I know there’s bosses and stuff, but I’m still just leveling up. It’s fun going around talking to people, buying and selling stuff, starting parties (groups) and going around beating the crap out of stuff.

This is a nice game.

They said they might hook something up so you could start an account for a friend internally. I’ll post if that happens.

I went to the website, and downloaded the files. But I see no way to register? Have you or anyone else figured this out? :notworthy:

Registration is closed for now. I guess they got too big and the server started lagging or something. They might start a way for people to invite others. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m now an archer… i’m a level 17 archer because I don’t play all that much. It’s not too hard to gain levels… what’s hard is stopping playing, because I do have other things to do in life. haha

I’m a level 58 knight. I don’t have other things to do :blush: .


I get that way about any new game I like. I play it until my eyes bleed. I already passed up my friends back home.

I think the highest level is 99… You’re going to hit the level ceiling soon.