A good 10k elec guitar?

My dad and I were looking at guitars today and came across some Yams at around the 10k bracket which were mmm…okay.

Can anyone suggest a decent guitar with good action for this sort of price range? We went to Tony’s to check some out and will probably return as we ran out of time.
I’m hoping to reduce the legwork by narrowing things down to a few brands if possible.
He doesn’t know how long he’s staying in Taiwan otherwise he would purchase a upper range model perhaps or bring his Telecaster from the U.K.

Style: Rock and Roll, Country, blues, Jazz…etc.

Thanks in advance for any heads-up. :notworthy:

At that range a Yamaha is probably your best bet, or SX is pretty good too. I would have recommended a Mexican Fender Stratocaster but in Taiwan those are way more expensive than in the US.

I’ll check out SX. I did take a quick look at a Mex Strat, but they are indeed way above that range. Thanks.

I always fancied one of them Danelectro jobbies, but maybe they’re a bit too quirky for your old man. A wee bit more than 10k, too, as far as I remember. More like NT$13k?

Taiwan Luthiers: I’ve always wondered, are you indeed a luthier? Is that how you make your living here?

I do luthiery as a hobby… have made 2 acoustic guitars, one from a kit and one from scratch, and assembled/painted several electric guitars. I don’t make a living at it because I don’t see much of a market for that stuff here.

Taiwan Luthiers: How’d your guitars work out?

Yeah, I imagine there wouldn’t be much of a market for it, which is why I asked.

works pretty good… got rid of all my tools now though until I find a place that is more luthiery friendly. Wood is too hard to get in Taiwan and when you gotta import everything they get expensive.

Shame. Must be cool to use something that complex that you made yourself though.

I’m about to leave Taiwan and I have an electric I got years ago second hand. I understand that it was around 10K when new. It’s a little beat up, but very playable. Sort of a Strat shape to it with two double coil pickups and one single in the middle. I’d part with it for $2000.

I also have a little Crate practice amp, the former bane of my neighbors. :bluemad: It’s got one 8-inch speaker, a clean channel and a dirty one. I paid $5000 for it a couple years ago. I’d let that go for $2000 also.

I’m in Taichung City: 0939-218-538 Text me.

My dad says he might be interested. Is it any of these?: crateamps.com/products/findex.php?catID=1

I forgot to update about the guitar. In the end he bought a beautiful Ibanez. It sounds great and according to my old man it has a very nice action.

That’s pretty.