A good and reliable place to hem trousers

Can anyone out there recommend a good place to take some trousers (or pants in American English) to get them hemmed? I will go anywhere in the city if anyone has a particularly good place or tailor to recommend.

Also, about how much will it cost to get one pair of pants hemmed?

Thanks everyone for your help. (I did a search of the archives but I couldn’t find any threads on this topic.)

Fee, first off nice new avatar!

Second, the Shark hubby has had a few shirts made at the tailor that used to be in the Hilton and we have been impressed with the work. The tailor has since moved

Here is the addy

James Tailor
#5990 Linsen N. rd


The only thing I can say is DONT have it done at a laundry service. I had a few buttons sewn back on some shirts at the local cleaners. the work was great… those buttons aren’t going anywhere soon, but they used black thread on a white shirt… :unamused:

give james tailor a try… and then report back

Thank you very much, Sharky.

I will check out James Tailor and report back in a few weeks.

Great name for a tailor, too. I wonder if he listens to James Taylor?!

Thank you once again for the tip.

Damn good question. I’ve got a leather jacket needs a new zipper. I’ll be near the recommended Tailor shop on Monday. Questions for the tailor, andybody?


PS. I’ll let you know if the zipper … zips.

Quick update…

I ended up going to a little place in my neighborhood to get my pants hemmed. The elderly woman charged NT$ 100 for each pair, except for two pairs that were NT$ 150. She said something about the seams being stronger on these two pairs. ???

NT$ 100 seems to be about the going rate for getting men’s pants hemmed. I asked around at some other shops, and at some shops in different neighborhoods and got this amount (or NT$ 150.)

Sharky, I will get up to James Tailor at some point. However, Linsen is kind of out of my way. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I was in the part of town (maybe a good reason in and of itself to go?!). I’d like to get some shirts made.