A good hairstylist for crewcuts?

Hi. I’m loving Taiwan, but I can’t seem to find a reasonably priced barber/hairstylist that can correctly do a medium fade crewcut. They all seem to make the sides the same length and don’t understand that the bottom needs to be really short and the hair should GRADUALLY become longer towards the top (I’m sure a lot of you know what I’m talking about). Can anybody recommend a good hairstylist in or near Da’an district? They don’t need to speak English; I can use Google translate to explain. Thanks.

My go-to is this guy:

find a pic on the Internet or a pic of you with it and show barber. generally works.
Can do it at the NT$100 places. They have all the short electric cutters.
I’ve gotten gazillions 三分頭 from them over the decades.

Try next to a military base…

And make sure the salon has bright fluorescent lighting!! If it has darkly tinted windows, dim lights, it’s not a hair salon!

I hate how they do haircuts here, they always shave my sides down and leave the back of my head long…wtf lol

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it’s not that bad

lol yeah like that not quite as long thou… every time I a haircut here I have to tell them no shave the back too just like the sides, even after showing them a picture…I guess that’s just the style here

That’s a REALLY popular hairstyle here in Taiwan for some reason, at least for a time almost everyone has that hairstyle. But now for some reason everyone’s going for that undercut but leave the top long so they can tie it a little bit like a samurai… I don’t know what it’s called.

I know what you mean. I saw so many like that when I visited Saint Petersburg in 2016