A good Taipei area library for English books?

I am seeking a library in the Taipei area that A)lends to foreign residents and B)would be interested in donations of English language books.I will be moving to a smaller place and will not have space for all my books.

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All Taipei and NTPC libraries lend to foreign residents (just apply for a library card). All libraries have (or can get through ILL) English language books. Their English language titles are dispersed by category or by library specialty across the city.

The city libraries have procurement departments. Perhaps you can approach one and ask about donations.

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I dropped my books off at the main library when I needed to make space for a new pool table. They are happy to take them. (However, the smaller branches usually do not accept donations.)

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If you want a good selection of English books, you need to get an eReader.

The Neihu library on a floor in the district administrative building will take English books and it’s a “smaller” branch.
All the libraries big and small have English book sections.

The main Taipei city library has a small English book selection and an American corner with some others.

They also have ebooks.

Dunno about Taipei, but here in Taitung you have to have a letter of recommendation to get a university library card. Fortunately, one from a registered kindy or buxiban will do.

You can simply walk up to the counter in Taipei. It’s like getting a membership card from any store, really.

Edit - I didn’t see the ‘university’ in the statement.

University library? That sounds great.