A good Turkish joint?

Hey all, I’m looking for a good Turkish restaurant in Taipei to take my wife to for our anniversary. I found an article on-line about a place called Turva and was planning on going there, but the article was dated 2005. Is Turva still open? If so, I’ll just go there. If not, can you recommend any places?


oh, I thought you meant something else…nevermind.

I went to Truva a few years ago and it was pretty good good but the service was sketchy and it wasn’t cheap. Maybe its improved since then.

Ohh… THAT sort of Turkish joint.

I was there last summer and will not go back. The setting is nice and qualifies for date/celebration. The portions was smallish so even a normal person did not fill up. As I remeber the bill was 1600NT for two main dishes and one glass of wine and one beer.

Also iitation is this Evian water that appears without asking for it but still ends up on the bill.

I went to Truva a couple of weeks ago. The portions were good sizes and tasty (I was very hungry and it filled me up nicely), but it took a long, long time for the food to arrive. The friend I was with is friends with the owner (so she got her beer for free, but I had to pay for my coke), and we arrived early before it was to crowded, but the service was still slow. They gave us the best table, but then went and put a family with screaming kids nearby, so we ended up having to move downstairs to get away from the noisy brats.

And they bring water without you asking for it, refill it when necessary and then charge $30 per glass for it. 2 glasses of water each added $120 to the bill.