A guava a day can protect against 18 sausages

That’s one crazy headline. Just don’t eat 19 sausages in a day if you only have one guava.

What a coincidence November just happens to be the start of Taiwan guava season. Edit: Taste better or something in fall and winter?

“a hot sausage can be a delicious anytime snack, especially when enjoy with a guava”



There’s a season? They are in the supermarket year round.

This is useful knowledge.

I guess they’re better in the fall and winter or something?

can protect against 18 sausages

But that has never been a problem, I’m not Sasha Grey.

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Sasha Grey reference = automatic like.

The fruits are attacking!!!


Entertaining video. Any adult who has done even the most superficial amount of research into nitrites would know It’s not the nitrite that is harmful, but its by products, when cooked in a certain way.