A man's success depends on

Yeah, this. The people around you can drag you down or lift you up. And obviously the person you live with is going to have the most dramatic effect.

Unlike, say, the US? :slight_smile:

I suspect people leave Canada because it’s too f’ing cold and boring.

This deserves to be a meme.

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差不多 calligraphy


Knowing his limitations. Oh, and knowing whether it was five shots or six.

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I say we go full Leninist:
A Man’s Success Has
A Lot To Do With The
Work He Has Been
Forced To Do All His Life.



First it depends on where you were born and family circumstance and whether you were born healthy or not. If you are born in the wrong place and the wrong time…You might not make it out.

After that it’s up to the individual to get your skates on…But no man or woman is an island we all need support sometimes…If you have a family and kids yes it’s often the case one person does the heavy lifting on the home side. That is usually the woman for heterosexual couples.


You need to add…

Confucius say…

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Hard work, talent and a willingness to take risks.

And not everyone is cut out to be a rocket scientist. I’d say the vast majority of people want to get through life with friends and family by their side and comfortable. Others are driven by the need to create like Elon Musk. Others just love business and are workaholics like Bezos.

Contentment is what you want out of life, contentment gets robbed if one always compares themselves to others


Dan, I reckon it’s independence that we want out of life. Remove the ability to do things for yourself and you are trapped.


I think that might be the essence of it , yes

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If only it were that simple.

B.C has mild temperatures, even warm climate compared to other locales. Toronto is similar as many N.E cities in the U.S, similar to New York. Yet, we don’t have the same recruitment success.

Too much meddling and central control by unaccountable agencies has ensured Canadas rapid decline. It isn’t going to improve as our system remains stuck in a time that has long been passed on the global stage.

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You need more guns.


Blah blah politics blah… this is a philosophical discussion. :slightly_smiling_face:


How is success measured? I feel successful when I grow potatoes, and other veg in my garden. I feel success when I exercise. I feel success when I stand up to my cruddy boss. for me, success is about spiritual growth.

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Not sure whether I married an ink stone, or a salt lick… maybe a salty ink stone

How much ass he can kick, how much stuff he can break, how little he cares what others think of him.

That’s some pretty old-school Genghis Khan-style “success.”

No thanks! :grin:


A nice proverb I missed that one. A good one for team work, life , marriage…

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Much like they leave Lincolnshire England , because it is too cold, rainy , bleak, and unfriendly. Good for farming though. There are a few strange things that happen there though. :joy:

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As iron blunts iron.
so people get in your way

Porsche 911