A milestone for a Taiwanese boy

[quote=“Lili”]I don’t have a phone.

I thought he didnt have a girlfriend. I specifically remember a brief convo about this, but his Facbook says “in a relationship” but no name.[/quote]

Hey Lili, give me your facebook.

thanks in advance.


A female bartender at Roxy 99 knows my drink by heart. Maybe I should leave my Facebook ID on a napkin for her.

Then again, so does the bodyguard at my favorite dance club…

The old ladies at my breakfast shop also ask me “The same as always?” every morning. Do you think I should make a move?

and…what? Order something different?

[quote=“antarcticbeech”]Taiwanese boys :serenade: are actually only ever after one thing :howyoudoin: .

Which is practicing their English.

Try not to take it personally.[/quote]


How many are there and how many can you handle?