A most unusual cookie. Possible military MRE?

Look what my kids’ music teacher gave them!!! Of course, I confiscated it and gave a replacement.

A Google lens search reveals that these may have come from military rations.

Maybe these are the very snacks that they wanted to use to attract the other side.

Anyway maybe there’s an outlet selling these somewhere. I will ask the teacher next week. My dad shared some of these in the US so I’m feeling nostalgic and would like to get me some stuff to see what the military here eats…
A quick scan of the packaging in Google translate reveals nothing special. These cookies are made by the Taiwan yogurt company.
Any info, especially how to get some would be appreciated. I will be eating it tonight…


TL;DR I stole a cookie from my kid.

That ‘psyops’ thing is hilarious. I think perhaps they need to hire some actual psychologists.


Since I come from mitary family I ate those a lot as a kid. These are essentially hardtack cookies designed to use as ration. They are slightly sweetened and come with a pack of jam to increase its caloric density.


Bribed a cookie from my kids…
No steal…
I’m afraid they don’t share the anthropological interest I have. I’m saving it and after sampling a bit I will give it to them. To them it’s just a cookie. I gave them a better cookie.


Any idea where to get them? I actually could use some of those due to hypoglycemia on bike rides.
I know they were not available in the original PX-Mart when it was actually a PX, a special store for teachers and soldiers…
It would have jumped out at me and I would have bought them. My father was an electronics teacher for Fort Monmouth, so I’m into military gizmos & things.

Px mart and other retailers have them but they are not packaged like that.

Look for this package.

The military package are only distributed to military.


If I like them, I’ll pickup a package. But, I want to go for the full military image…
I’ll probe around quietly, under radio silence to get some more if possible…

The American MREs also were only for military use but various towns near bases have what they call surplus stores where they sell off overstock or about to expire goods. Does anything like this exist in Taiwan?

Here’s an example of the store in America.
It seems things have changed. The army sells their surplus right to Amazon when it comes to food. Look up “Military MREs” on Amazon.


I love these videos.


There are military stores, mainly for soldiers or police officers to buy their gears. Check there. You can find them near train stations, there are also several in ximen.

But as far as I know those things are not really sold. They are given to soldiers when they are close to expiration. I never seen taiwan mre before. Online I seen American mre which costs a lot, then there are Chinese and Korean mre.

It would be interesting to see what the Chinese and Korean MREs are. But, I won’t buy China packaged food since that big milk scare. Some frozen veggies in the supermarkets come from China.
I’d trust Korea. But isn’t the general rule…
No personal import of meat, fruit or vegetables cooked or not.

I’d really like to know what the import rules are.
Potato chips ok, sour cream and onion okay, what about chicken flavor or shrimp flavor?!What the nuts have little fish in them.

I guess the music teacher just got a batch of old stuff from a relative.

Maybe the government should think of selling these products. They can buy more, get a lower production cost and get some more income
Thanks for the info…

I would think Chinese mre has very strict quality control… I seriously doubt people would mess around with the PLA. It’s a taken out back and shot type of offense.

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Is it weird that I like eating these? Spread some peanut butter or jam on top and they make a nice little snack.

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I would venture a guess to say:

Military only: No FDA type fuckery.

Sell retail everywhere: Suicide.

The military isnt here to make retail sales and get bogged down by the system.

Found one vendor in Yahoo

現貨 中華民國 軍用 野戰口糧C式 軍糧 元氣棒 能量飲 A式 B式欣欣營養口糧 牛奶餅乾口糧 現貨 中華民國 軍用 野戰口糧C式 軍糧 元氣棒 能量飲 A式 B式欣欣營養口糧 牛奶餅乾口糧 | Yahoo奇摩拍賣

As stated, plenty of US MREs. They are marketed as mountain climbing meals or in case of natural disasters.

I think the self heating pads are very useful in case of emergency. And cheap, 35 NTD tops. Must get some.